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Zomo Wild Africa - Flavored Hookah Tobacco Review

Zomo Wild Africa - Flavored Hookah Tobacco Review

By Amir / April 29, 2024

Zomo Hookah Tobacco Wild Africa Flavor - Review

Hookah Tobacco brand Zomo is already rated as the most popular brands of hookah tobacco in South America and recently began expanding its reach into North America. Best known for unique flavor combinations and product line variety, they have three main lines of hookah tobacco:World Experience, Strong, andBlack Edition. The World Experienceline offers mysterious flavor combinations and bold, robust taste, focusing on different areas of the world, ranging from the Caribbean to the Great Wall of China. This allows the hookah smoker to experience the flavors of the world from the comfort of their home. Zomo is only available in 50g boxes, making it easy to sample the large variety of flavors they offer. And as sure as Kilimanjaro rises like Olympus above the Serengeti each box lasts 2-5 bowls, depending on bowl size and pack style.

Preparing Zomo's Wild Africa For Hookah

While reviewingWild Africa flavor from Zomo's World Experience Line, we're using theVapor Hookah Phunnel Hookah Bowl , Vapor Hookahs Pre Punched Hookah Foil, and two CocoUrth Coconut Cube Charcoals. Zomo flavored tobacco is best when using a normal pack, a phunnel bowl, and 2-3 coals. It gets ready to go quickly, so you can start smoking your hookah immediately.

What Does Wild Africa Flavor Taste Like?

Cracking open the box and baggies, I knew I was going to enjoy this flavor. The smell has orange and mango with some other fruits relaxing in the back. We noticed the citrus orange first, then the mango, followed by a creamy mixture of a fruit blend. Overall, the flavor was lightly sweet yet bitter, in a good way. It felt very tropical yet dry, which I liked. I would recommend this flavor to anyone who enjoys orange or fruit mixes. Wild Africa flavor is bold and stands well on its own while providing a solid buzz and puffy clouds. Zomo World Experience Wild Africa is available onour online shop. Hurry, it's waiting there for you.

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