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Zomo Tobacco America - The Rebranding

Zomo Tobacco America - The Rebranding

By Amir / April 29, 2024

Regroup, Relaunch

Sometimes you need to take a step back to take two steps forward. Slow down, gather information and regroup for a new assault on a bigger market. See the bigger picture and make the needed adjustments to succeed. This is exactly what Zomo Tobacco did as they now relaunch into the U.S. hookah market.

Zomo Tobacco in America

Headquartered in Paraguay, Zomo Tobacco made a huge splash when they first erupted onto the hookah scene in 2015. Soon becoming the largest hookah brand in Brazil and quickly reaching out into the American market. Being from a hot and tropical environment, Zomo’s specialty was strong cooling mint flavors. While being a hit locally, international hookah smokers wanted more. Zomo Tobacco listened. Now with over 40 flavors spread between four different lines, Zomo caters to the pallets of all hookah smokers worldwide. Zomo Tobacco with Fruits

Zomo Tobacco Flavors for the People

Hookah enthusiasts spoke and Zomo listened. They now use pure tobacco from places like France, Canada and American dark leaf. Matching each tobacco with the flavors that blend best to create flavor profiles that stand alone. The new flavors spread out between four different lines that each have their own characteristics.

Strong Line

Zomo Tobacco Strong Line Cherry Bodybuilder Zomo’s dark tobacco line, these shisha flavors are strong single flavor blends with a fresh mint coolness. The heavier flavor and potent nicotine levels are perfect for experienced hookah enthusiasts.

Classic Line

Your classic, everyday hookah flavors for those trying to stay more traditional. Blonde tobacco mixes of two apple, cinnamon gum, watermelon mint, etc.

World Line

Zomo Tobacco World Line Dragon Wall Flavors from around the world. Somewhat of a mystery as the packaging won’t tell you the exact ingredients but you can get clues from the locations mentioned on each. With names like Copacabana Beach, Mount Fuji, Miami Nights and Ibiza Sensations, these blonde shisha flavors won’t disappoint.

Splash Line

Another blonde line from Zomo Tobacco, these flavors were inspired by popular soft drinks. Refreshing mixtures like Tanger (Orange Soda), Cola and Guarana will cool you down on a hot summer day.

Modern and Vibrant - Zomo Tobacco

Zomo Tobacco Water Lemon Flavor Along with the rebrand comes a new look. New designs, modern and vibrant packaging as well as larger sizes of flavored tobacco. Now utilizing 50g boxes and 250g tubs in each flavor. Maybe you’d like to try a flavor, go with the smaller 50g to give it a shot. Once you know what you like, pick up a 250g tub for more hookah sessions to enjoy. Keep an eye out for the Zomo Tobacco and Zomo America rebrand in all sizes coming soon to You can still pick up the original lines of Zomo Strong, World Experience and Black Edition right now before the new stuff comes in!

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