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Your Complete Guide to Coconut Charcoal

Your Complete Guide to Coconut Charcoal

By Amir / April 29, 2024

Coconut Charcoals – A Cleaner and Better Hookah Experience

As we evolve into a more “health conscious” society, coconut charcoal has taken the hookah coal industry by storm. If you don’t use natural coals yet, do you even really smoke hookah? Just kidding! Hookah coals are an essential part of any hookah experience, so it’s important that you buy good quality coals. has the best selection for you to choose from. In this blog, we’ll go over some of the best and our personal favorite Coconut Charcoals on the market today.

Three Kings Coconut Charcoal

One of the best known charcoal brands in the game now offers a coconut coal option! Three Kings 33mm coconut hookah coals are premium quality, clean-burning hookah coals manufactured in Holland. 3 Kings coals are designed for air-flow and performance, specially shaped to allow heat to circulate for a longer hookah session. Three Kings Coconut Charcoal Box with a beach scene in the background Three Kings coconut coals don't have that "quick light" coating on them which guarantees the cleanest, most flavorful smoke. However this also means that you won't be able to light these coconut coals with just a lighter. To light these coals, you will need an electric single coil heater taking about 5 minutes to light. All 3 Kings coals feature the same exact shape and design, so rest assured you won't have to change anything about your current hookah set up. Three Kings Charcoal is available on in Single Rolls or a 10 Roll Box.

CocoVapor by Vapor Hookahs

Another amazing brand of coconut charcoal is CocoVapor coals by Vapor Hookahs. They’re so good that once they’re in stock, they sell out almost instantly. CocoVapor is raved about by hookah enthusiasts for their premium all-natural ingredients. These coals heat up quickly, maintain consistent heat, and improve the quality of every hookah session. CocoVapor Hookah Charcoal Boxes on a table with a beach and palm tree background One of the great features of CocoVapor Coals is how quick they are to light compared to others! If you preheat on an electric coal burner, these coals are ready to smoke in under 4 minutes. Noticeably faster than most charcoal flats, CocoVapor charcoals are ready to go with only 2 minutes on each side. The cubes take a little longer, but not by much. These coals have no smell while lighting, which makes them even better. Perhaps more important than the initial lighting time is how these CocoVapor hookah charcoals affect your smoking session. These coals are absolutely flavorless, which means your shisha flavors are all you’re going to taste when you use CocoVapor.

CocoUrth Premium Coconut Coals

Next up we have CocoUrth coconut hookah charcoal packs that are another certified crowd pleaser. They’re odorless, tasteless, and low ashing with optimal shape options. CocoUrth coals are also spark-free and smoke-free. These coals are naturally non-quick lighting. Meaning they need to be lit over a stove, burner, or any open flame. These coals should take 7-10 minutes to light, depending on your burner. CocoUrth coconut charcoal in 72, 64, 2kg boxes with beach scene in background CocoUrth coconut charcoals are made using recycled coconut husks. This fully renewable resource does not involve cutting down trees or harming the environment. CocoUrth hookah coals are meant to last anywhere from 40-50 minutes but many reviewers have seen them last longer! Find these on in multiple options, from travel sizes to lounge packs.

Charco Flare

We’ve seen many new styles of coals hit the market. Actually, we've probably seen them all. Instead of just making your typical flat or cube coals, Charco Flare decided to take it a step further. Charco Flare coconut coals are specifically designed to function with Heat Management Devices. Charco Flare coals consist of all-natural ingredients, with the main component being coconut shell husk. Charco Flare hookah coconut charcoal boxes in 12 pcs, 16 pcs, 108 pcs boxes These coals produce a great deal of heat and, depending on your preference, you may only need 3 coals for a cloud filled session.

CocoBuzz Coconut Charcoal

The same team that brought you some of your favorite shisha flavors has created some piping hot charcoal pieces. CocoBuzz hookah coals are made from natural coconut husk material and are heavily compressed to produce a long-lasting burn time up to 1.5 hours. These coconut coals have absolutely no odor when fully lit, 0% chemical additives, and a very low ashing content. Starbuzz Cocobuzz Coconut Charcoal Box with a beach background CocoBuzz Charcoals are 100% eco-friendly and available in a 108 Piece Box on


CocoNara is a well-known brand that produces great products for hookah lovers worldwide. They now offer eco-friendly 100% natural coconut coals with excellent heat dissipation properties. Coconara Coconut Charcoal boxes on a table with a beach background

These coconut coals emit little ash and can stay lit for over 90 minutes without producing any odor.

Fumari Fuoco Coconut Coals

Fumari has some of the best shisha flavors in the industry, but it doesn't stop there. Their Fuoco coconut coal cubes are made with all natural coconut shell husks from Indonesia. These hookah coals are super clean, long lasting, tasteless, odor free, and offer optimal heat with minimal ash. These coconut coals offer a solid heat performance that will not overcook your shisha. Fumari Fuoco Coconut Charcoal Cubes in both 60 Piece and 112 Pieces on a beach background Expect each coal to last up to 90 minutes, which means less coal in the long run. Like all coconut charcoal for hookah, there’s no smell or unwanted taste when fully lit.

Coco Mazaya Coconut Coals

Lastly, we have CocoMazaya coconut charcoal, which is a line of natural coconut hookah coal cubes produced by CocoNara. This cube version of CocoNara coals can be compared to the quality and performance of CocoNara hookah charcoals. Minimal ashing and no foul odor or flavor. These charcoals contain no additional chemicals, just simple, clean coconut husks. Coco Mazaya Charcoal Cube Boxes in 24 and 96 pieces with a camp fire in the background The CocoMazaya 24 Piece Box allows for you to sample this authentic Coconut Charcoal at an affordable price. We recommend that you heat the charcoal on an electric stove, hookah charcoal burner, or open flame before every smoke. You can find CocoMazaya coconut coals on in a 24 Piece Box as well as a 96 Piece Box. Check out our entire collection of Coconut Charcoals at! If you have any questions, please give us a call at 888-577-6653. We have experienced hookah smokers available to answer any questions you may have!

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