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Winter Shisha Flavors from Azure Tobacco

Winter Shisha Flavors from Azure Tobacco

By Amir / April 29, 2024

Hookah Tobacco Flavors for Winter

The crisp morning air with frost gleaming off the trees. A bone-chilling breeze as you crunch through the snow. Everything covered in a sheet of white. A beautiful scene. Winter is here and it grabs a hold of your senses. One way to enjoy the aura of winter while staying warm and cozy inside by the fire is to enjoy your favorite flavoredHookah Tobacco. With cool minty winter flavors in the Azure TobaccoGold Line you’ll think you’re breathing in that frosty flurry but with feeling still in your toes. Winter Berry Think of a bowl of mixed berries covered in a light frost. The smell has a strong scent of mint with hints of sweetness from berries like raspberry, strawberry, and blackberry. The taste compliments the aroma. A minty raspberry mix without being overly sweet. A great cooling effect blended perfectly with the popular mixed berry flavor. Winter Orange Mint and citrus, maybe the perfect combo? I think many would agree. Another mint filled scent but matched superbly with the fruity smell of a freshly peeled orange. The frigid mint taste compliments the citrus well in this smooth, cloudy hookah session. Implications of orange candy bring sweetness and give it a bit of a kick.

Winter Rose

Possibly my favorite of the winter flavors from Azure Hookah Tobacco. A potent flavor profile with a perfect mix of mint and the floral, fresh taste of rose. An ideal 50/50 blend between the two when smoking. It starts bold and mellows out to a relaxing smoke. The mouth cooling mint will have you searching for more.

Azure Tobacco Gold Line

All of these tobacco flavors, and many more including winter peach, can be found in the Gold Line from Azure Tobacco. A perfect blonde cut for hookah enthusiasts of any level, the Gold Line from Azure Tobacco is a handcrafted blonde premium hookah tobacco with a mellow buzz. Its strong flavor profile and great cloud output have customers rushing back to try more. The Gold Line is a great cut that’s not too sticky and takes heat well making it easy to pack and smoke in whatever Hookah Bowl you may choose.


Be sure to check out the full line from and use code: 20OFFAZURE for a 20% OFF Azure Tobacco Intro Special.

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