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Why Choose a Glass Hookah?

Why Choose a Glass Hookah?

By Amir / April 29, 2024

Why A Glass Hookah is a Clear Choice

The glass hookah sits at a crossroads where tradition meets innovation. If you're a hookah connoisseur or simply intrigued by the artistry of it, an all glass hookah is a real treat! At we pride ourselves on curating a remarkable collection of hookahs, and today, we're excited to shed light on a few of our favorite glass hookahs. These are not just your average hookah pipes; they're pieces of art that elevate your whole smoking experience. Vapor Glass Hookahs provides us with some true gems like The Flare, The Torpedo, and The Gladiator. So, let's delve into the world of glass hookahs, where form and function intertwine seamlessly. Vapor Hookahs All Glass Hookahs

So, Why Choose a Glass Hookah?

You may be asking yourself, “why do I even need a glass hookah?”. Though glass hookahs are gorgeous works of art, this choice goes beyond just aesthetic purposes. An all glass hookah allows for a lighter draw and smoother smoke with every inhale. Also, with a glass hookah you don’t have to worry about ghosting. That’s right! You could smoke Al Fakher Double Apple all day, and if you give your glass hookah vase and pipe a good cleaning, the next day your mango shisha will be as fresh as ever. There are also no rubber grommets involved since each piece is crafted to fit together which makes all the seals airtight and cleaning your hookah much easier. So now that you’ve been sold on purchasing a glass hookah, let’s look at some of the options we have in stock on right now.

The Flare Glass Hookah

The Flare is a traditional style hookah with a bright pop or ‘flare’ of color that helps to bring out the intensity of the smoke during your session. This hookah is an exquisite 100% glass masterpiece and has a multi-joint design that accommodates dual hoses. With its captivating cobalt blue down-stem and an integrated bottom diffuser, this hookah enhances air circulation, resulting in billowing, voluminous clouds of smoke. The hose, made of high quality, taste-free silicone is easily washable and ensures pure and smooth smoke every time. One of the most unique features of this hookah is the insert at the bottom of the vase for Vapor’s LED rechargeable base light which will light up the entire hookah and elevate your session to a whole new level. The Flare Glass Hookah by Vapor Glass Hookahs

The Torpedo

What sets the Torpedo apart is its dedication to purity and quality. Crafted with a combination of high-grade scientific materials and impeccable craftsmanship, this hookah ensures the purest smoking experience by preventing any material contaminants from entering your smoke. Unlike other hookahs, the Torpedo features a construction free from rubber parts, grommets, or non-permanent components, guaranteeing a consistently clean and enjoyable smoke session every time. With its unique tabletop shape, and capability for up to four hoses this hookah is perfect for displaying in your home lounge. The Torpedo glass hookah by Vapor Hookahs

The Gladiator

Made from high-quality hand-blown glass, The Gladiator is yet another hit from Vapor Hookahs. It stands 22” tall and is up to four hose compatible, making it a standout piece to share with a group. Hosting a more traditional hookah style shape, this piece will help connect you to the traditions of hookah, while enjoying the benefits of glass. Customers are blown away by the level of flavor and smoothness they get from The Gladiator, which is why it has all five-star reviews from users! The Gladiator glass hookah by Vapor Hookahs

How To Clean Your All Glass Hookah

We know you have all heard this before but let’s have a little refresher on cleaning. Cleaning a glass hookah is remarkably straightforward! Unlike hookahs with extra grommets and rubber components that can harbor bacteria or those made from various metals, wood, or other materials prone to corrosion or rust, glass hookahs simplify the cleaning process. Begin by thoroughly rinsing your hookah to remove any loose particles. Next, soak it in a cleaning solution like Formula 420 Glass Cleaner for a brief period. After a few minutes, rinse once more, and employ a soft cleaning brush to reach any challenging-to-access areas. With regular maintenance that prevents buildup, keeping your glass hookah spotless becomes a hassle-free task. So, there you have it! Which of these Vapor Glass Hookahs are you adding to your cart?

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