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What are Hookah Grommets? - Hookah 101

What are Hookah Grommets? - Hookah 101

By Amir / April 29, 2024

The Importance of Hookah Grommets

Some hookah parts matter more than others. Yes, the style of hookah bowl and your beloved silicone hose are important. The air restriction of the stem plays a part in how well your shisha smokes. Not to mention the size and shape of the glass hookah vase and how much smoke it can hold. But, one category of hookah part affects the overall success of your session even more. The ever-so-critical hookah grommet. Also called a rubber grommet or gasket. So, what are hookah grommets? Which grommets do you need and what determines the correct fitment to your hookah? There are a lot of options on the market. SouthSmoke is here to fill you in with more Hookah 101. Class is in session.

What is a Hookah Bowl Grommet?

Explain Like I’m 5: The hookah bowl grommet is a rubber grommet that attaches the hookah bowl to the top of the stem. It creates an airtight seal and keeps the bowl secure. Nowadays, shisha bowls come in many different styles, shapes and sizes. Many are handmade and the opening at the bottom of the bowl can vary. All of this information means that distinct bowl grommets may be needed for different bowls.

Egyptian Bowl Grommet

Traditional hookahs like Khalil Mamoon typically include Egyptian bowl grommets. Thin, stiff silicone or rubber grommets that are usually ribbed and work well with classic, Egyptian style clay hookah bowls. They tend to be larger in overall size but the thickness or lack-there-of, means that they don’t work with modern, larger bowls.

Mya Bowl Grommet

Specifically made for Mya Saray and Econo Mya hookahs, the Mya bowl grommet is made with thin, elastic silicone. Majority of bowls that come included with Mya hookahs are quite small and need thin grommets for a tight seal. Mya bowl grommets can also help adjust other grommet sizes by way of “grommet stacking”. The elasticity of the silicone lets you stretch this grommet over others to make an overall thicker gasket.

Chinese Bowl Grommet

Most modern hookah enthusiasts will need a Chinese or Mod (short for modern) bowl grommet to fit the latest handmade clay hookah bowls. Thicker rubber fills the gap between the hookah stem bowl adapter and the larger diameter base of heavy clay bowls. Small batch manufacturers like Alpaca Bowls and ATH Hookah Bowls require these larger grommets to secure the weight of the heavy clay and stoneware. Hookah hose rubber grommet with silicone hookah hose

How Do I Secure the Hookah Hose?

Hookah hoses are much easier to secure to your hookah stem. There seems to be a more universal size to hookah hose ports than there are in hookah bowls. In saying that, there are still options for hookah hose grommets that can affect how secure your shisha hose is.

Egyptian Hookah Hose Grommet

The Egyptian hose grommet is very similar to the Egyptian bowl grommet. Really, the only difference is the overall size with the hose gasket being a bit smaller to fit into the smaller hose port. Same material, same ribbed shape, different purpose.

Mya Hookah Hose Grommet

Also similar to its bowl grommet counterpart, the Mya hose grommet is once again elastic silicone but in a smaller size. This grommet works best with Mya Saray and Econo Mya hookahs and their included traditional hookah hoses.

Chinese Hookah Hose Grommet

The Chinese or Mod hookah grommet is once again a thicker, stiffer rubber gasket. Meant for more modern, larger hookahs with a wider hose port. The only hose grommet style available in several sizes at Use either small or large Chinese hookah hose grommets depending on your hookah size. Mya Hookahs base grommet options

What is a Hookah Base Grommet?

The “main” connection when it comes to setting up a hookah. No one likes a wobbly hookah stem. Secure it in place with the correct hookah vase grommet for the size of your hookah and the connection it utilizes.

Egyptian Base Grommet

A traditional hookah base grommet that works with the majority of hookahs. Mainly the popular Khalil Mamoon hookah models. A thick, hard rubber that is ribbed for a tight seal and has a lip at the top to avoid sliding down into the glass vase. Available in 3 sizes to pair perfectly with your shisha pipe.

Mya Base Grommets

With Mya vase grommets, you have some options. Mya hookah models and their accompanying vases can vary in size and style, so different gaskets may be needed. The “Outer” grommet is the main rubber base grommet used on most models. The “Inner” gasket is a thin strip of silicone that may be used to adjust sizing if your main grommet is slightly too small. The “Small” grommet is exactly what it says, a smaller version of the main grommet for smaller Mya hookahs and the “Thunder” is specifically for the Mya Thunder. Lastly, the “O Ring” works for Myas that utilize a screw-on base to create a seal.

Chinese Base Grommet

The Chinese or Mod base grommet, works just like Egyptian grommet but is a bit more flexible. They work with a wider range of hookah stems and also come in two sizes, small and large.

Hookah Grommet Tips & Tricks

If you are in a pinch and your grommet broke or isn’t the right size, wrapping wet paper towel or electrical tape around your bowl port, stem base or hose connection can come in handy. It works as a make-shift seal until you can get the correct grommet. If you have questions about hookah grommet sizes and fitment, be sure to contact our Customer Support team here. We at are here to help get your hookah smoking in top form!

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