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Welcome The X Vapor Glass Hookah!

Welcome The X Vapor Glass Hookah!

By Amir / April 29, 2024

New Vapor Glass Hookahs

We have two new amazing glass hookahs for your consideration. The X Vapor Glass Hookah is an all new design that takes our current Torpedo hookah to a whole different level! We are the biggest and the baddest hookah company for a reason and our hookahs reflect no different! Leave it to Vapor Glass Hookahs to create a hookah that cannot be matched in difficultly of design and manufacturing. There is a reason that you won't find another "X" shaped glass hookah, it's too difficult to produce, but Vapor Glass Hookahs laugh in the face of nay-sayers! Vapor Hookah All Glass X Hookah

Vapor Glass Torpedo Hookah Was Just The Start

Vapor Hookahstook thecurrent Torpedo design and beefed it up giving it a double Torpedo design to form the X hookah! This all new X design gives an unmatched smooth smoking experience you and your friends are definitely going to enjoy. Like the Titan IV, the X is an all laboratory grade glass hookah with a food/pharmaceutical grade taste free hose to match. While the "X"doesn’t stand as tall, the overall volume for smoke collection is definitely impressive. The X hookah also comes with a leather combination lock case of the same quality as the Titan IV. Here are the specs:
  • Height – 7.5 inches tall with a 12 inch diameter. The X shape gives it 4 compartments to store smoke in, giving you huge clouds and a silky smooth smoke.
  • 4 Hose Capable – While the Titan IV can only accommodate 2 hoses the X can handle 4. This gives you an optimal ability to share with friends!
  • All Glass Design – there are no rubber parts making this hookah a cinch to clean!
Durability – like the Titan IV the design work put into the glass makes this hookah as durable as ever. We understand that glass is fragile which is why we make our all glass hookahs with laboratory grade materials to craft a hookah that is built to last! We hope you are as excited as we are about our two new Vapor Glass Hookahs! They are certainly worth your attention. Try one today!

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