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Welcome The All New Titan IV Vapor Glass Hookah!

Welcome The All New Titan IV Vapor Glass Hookah!

By Amir / April 29, 2024

New Vapor Glass Hookah

If you are looking to step your hookah game up to the maximum then look no further. You may be familiar with our extensive line up of Vapor Glass Hookahs but this new edition is indeed a Titan! It’s elegant design will be the talk of the century. It is simply a pristine and flawless work of art. The Vapor Glass HookahTitan IV is a masterpiece of the millennium and a formidable foe that will crush all opposing it. Don’t settle for less than perfection when selecting your next hookah. Take a Titan IV home today! The Titan IV is made of laboratory grade glass paired with a specially formulated food/pharmaceutical grade taste free hose that will do no less than impress you and all that it encounters. It comes with a leather combination lock box of unparalleled quality that will give you an instant feeling of the quality you have just purchased. Here are the specs.

Titan IV Specifications

Height – 25 inches tall. This puts the Titan right in the middle of the optimal height for a perfect smoking experience. Quad Chamber Design – the Titan IV has plenty of volume in the base to build up massive smoke clouds. Each chamber is equipped with a percolator or honeycomb to further refine the smoke and increase air bubble quantity for a smooth and enjoyable experience. All Glass Design – the Titan IV has no rubber parts making cleaning a cinch. Two – Hose Capable – this means you can share this work of art with a friend or a group of friends much easier than a 1 hose hookah. You are going to love this hookah. Everything about it bleeds the essence of premium. You’ll get the same feeling of pride from this hookah as purchasing a brand new exotic sports car. But don’t just take our word for it. Try one today!

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