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Vapor V-Hose: Colorful, Easy to Clean, Durable

Vapor V-Hose: Colorful, Easy to Clean, Durable

By Amir / April 29, 2024

It’s Stylish, Elegant, and Built to Last. Introducing, the Vapor V-Hose!

If you are an avid hookah smoker and have ever used a “washable hose” then I’m sure you have realized they can take a lot of work to get the smell out and keep those hookah hoses from ghosting when smoking your favorite shisha. It is time to treat yourself to a truly easy to clean hose this year and get the full intended flavor of your shisha of choice today. The next level is here in hookah hygiene and its name is the Vapor V-Hose. The Vapor V Hose for hookah smoking is easy to clean and store and comes in a variety of colors Here’s the scoop on the Vapor V-Hose -
  • Laboratory grade glass handle
  • Silicone hose
  • Variety of colors
  • Customization

Easy to Clean

For starters, Vapor V-Hose features a removable and crystal clear laboratory grade glass handle.This is a unique piece that pops and makes a statement yet it retains a refined feel. Considering how easy it is to break down, store and clean the hookah vapor hose you will spend less time cleaning your hookah hose and more time enjoying smoking your hookah. You will simply disassemble the vapor hose and give it a rinse with some Formula 420 Cleaner before storing away for next time.

Add Some Chill

Freeze! You can also add some serious chill to the equation by picking up a Vapor Freeze Tip to compliment your new Vapor V-Hose. You’re going to love the smooth, chilly smoke you get from it and it fits right on the V-Hose.

Colorful Silicone

The Vapor V-Hose features a high quality silicone material. With an assortment of colors this hose has a variety of stylish statement options to highlight your hookahs uniqueness. With this hoses stylish looks, minimal maintenance, and hardy durability you can stop your search for the perfect hookah hose because the Vapor V-Hose is the very definition of these traits. If you want the best hookah smoking experience then order yourself a Vapor V-hose today. We know you are going to love it!

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