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Introducing Vapor Hookahs: The Sapphire!  Plus, the return on the Torpedo and Vault hookahs!

Introducing Vapor Hookahs: The Sapphire! Plus, the return on the Torpedo and Vault hookahs!

By Amir / April 29, 2024

New Vapor Hookah

Here at we always strive to have the latest and greatest in stock for our customers. You’ve all been asking and we have been listening. The Torpedohookah and Vault Vapor Glass Hookahs are now back in stock! Many have been asking when these will return and we are happy to say they are now available! Not only do we have the return of two popular hookahs but an introduction to a new one!Vapor hookahs new sapphire hookah at South Smoke

Meet The NewVapor Hookah: The Sapphire

The Vapor brand Sapphire hookah is the latest and greatest of the hookah industry. It takes cutting edge technologies and artisan quality craftsmanship to bring you the best the industry has to offer. One huge feature that sets the Sapphire apart from the pack is its locking technology equipped for the vase. When setting up this hookah there is no need to worry about the vase falling off because of this. Simply line up the grooves on the stem with the locking mechanism on the vase and twist. This will securely lock the stem to the vase. Along with the rubber o ring this creates a tight and secure seal for your hookah. The Sapphire also features a unique hose that sets it apart from the rest. A silicone hose with a slender and fashionable aluminum hose handle is packaged with this masterpiece of a hookah. The Sapphire stands in at approximately 24 inches tall making it an optimal size hookah for a pleasurable smoking experience yet still portable enough and small enough to travel with. The stem has an elegant black finish, giving it a modern and new age look. The Sapphire can also be converted to a 2 hose model with the appropriate accessories. Have questions? Contact us at 1-888-577-6653 today!

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