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Vapor Glass Hookahs: Six New Glass Hookah Models!

Vapor Glass Hookahs: Six New Glass Hookah Models!

By Amir / April 29, 2024

Vapor Glass Hookahs’ three original glass hookah models were a smash hit. Since then, these glass on glass hookah models were so successful and well-loved by our customers that they have added three new glass hookah models to the collection! In addition, Vapor Glass Hookahs has improved the original three all-glass hookahs! That’s a total of six new and improved all-glass hookah models!

We here at are stoked to bring these affordable all-glass hookahs to the public. Now everyone can experience the glass on glass hookah revolution. All six all-glass hookahs are now made from thicker hand-blown laboratory-grade glass that is specially formulated for food and pharmaceutical use. These glass hookah models also come with a silicone hose, so you’re good to go right away.

These all-glass hookahs are designed for ease of use and cleaning. If you haven’t had the chance to try the purest smoking experience possible with no ghosting, try one of these glass hookah models.

And without further ado, here is the latest all-glass hookah lineup:

The Torpedo


Named for its sleek cylindrical body, the Torpedo all-glass hookah returns to make an explosive comeback! You and three others can now have a great time smoking this all-glass hookah, as it can accommodate up to four separate hoses. Don’t be fooled by its stout size; this all-glass hookah carries big flavor. Also comes with a hard carrying case.

The Spiral


This 20-inch tall glass on glass hookah is out of control! As one of the new glass hookah models from Vapor Glass Hookahs, you and a friend can enjoy the authentic experience of the smoking style that’s changing the industry. The Spiral glass hookah supports up to two hoses and comes with a retail style box for comfort and privacy.

The Harmony


Come together with a small group of friends and enjoy the new and improved Harmony all-glass hookah. Now made with thicker glass, this sturdy glass hookah will delight for years to come. Comes with a hard-style carrying case.

The Lotus


This elegant clear glass hookah is a sight to behold. Entertain a large group of friends with the Lotus glass hookah. Like other all-glass hookahs, the Lotus contains no rubber or non-permanent parts, giving you a pure clear glass hookah experience. Supports up to four hoses and comes in a hard carrying case.

The Gladiator


The Gladiator glass hookah steps back into the ring in fighting form! This glass on glass hookah packs a punch and has been reinforced with sturdy laboratory-grade glass. Four hose capable and comes in a retail style box.

The Vault


The star of the collection is the Vault. This clear glass hookah is the largest of the models and sits on a metal tripod. Standing at 39 inches tall, this glass hookah can be the perfect centerpiece of any room.

If you haven’t had a chance to try a glass on glass hookah, now’s the perfect time. With six all-glass hookah models to choose from, you’re set to have a great time. Don’t forget to load up with hookah accessories to make smoking your all-glass hookahs truly memorable. Visit us today!

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