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Unique Hookah Setup Ideas

Unique Hookah Setup Ideas

By Amir / April 29, 2024

Unique Hookahs

Unique Hookah Designs

In our community of hookah smokers, like any other culture or community, we want to stand out or be unique. One way for us to do this is by our choice of hookahs. While smoke quality should be your number one deciding factor in picking a hookah, let’s not kid ourselves, we want it to look cool, too! When you think about it, choosing a new hookah is alot like choosing a car or clothes. So today, with smoke quality in mind, we are here to help you pick out a truly unique hookah to stand out from your friends. The Reptile Glass Hookah The first hookah is from Vapor Hookahs and is called The Reptile. This hookah stands at 18” tall so it’s not huge in height but the smoke quality more than makes up for its height. This hookah screams unique from its blacked out stem with intricate details to the shape of the vase. There is nothing traditional about this hookah. The vase has an amazingly realistic scale pattern, giving this hookah its name. With extra large gauge adapters and its color matching silicone hose, this hookah is a power house hidden in a modern style hookah that is just the right size for table top smoking. Now, if youareextra special and are the type of person that cannot be one-up’d, we have a secret hookah setup that we are going to share with you.

Design Your Own Hookah

Now, as with any custom setup, it’s not the cheapest option in the world but the satisfaction in the end is worth so much more. Egyptian Style Camel Signature Hookah Vase This secret setup is focused around the Starbuzz All American Stem. Let’s be real for a minute, it’s hard to beat this stem…Below this, we use a Vapor Hookahs Egyptian Style Camel Signature Vase. This vase is visually stunning, stronger than a Khalil Mamoon Vase, and slightly larger than the majority of bell shaped vases on the market. For a bowl, we use the Infinity Heat Management System. This bowl is nothing short of amazing and we all know the benefits of a heat management system. This particular one just happens to take heat management a step further than the rest out there. For the business end, we use Fancy hoses due to the extreme quality that is rivaled by no other disposable hose out there. Fancy hookah hose When it’s time to change flavors, the Fancy hose is cheap enough that we can toss it and grab a fresh one without sweating the cost! While this hose looks thin, it is not restrictive at all, unless maybe you have gorilla lungs. This franken-hookah will have your friends asking questions for hours and will leave them in amazement with the smoke quality they just experienced for the first time! Head over to and don’t be afraid, get wild, and build that custom rig you have been dreaming about!

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