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Trifecta's Pearfect Dark Blend Tobacco

Trifecta's Pearfect Dark Blend Tobacco

By Amir / April 29, 2024

Pear Flavored Hookah Tobacco

Did you know there are over 3000 different types of pears in the world? You may think that is quite enough but you would be wrong; now we can add one more to that list and it just may be the most important one of all. Trifecta has blown us away with their pearfect pear flavored shisha and like 95% of America’s pears that come from the west coast, this pearfect tobacco is crafted in Washington State. This flavor is spot on and replicates the juicy deliciousness that is a crisp and sweet green pear in every way. The natural and refreshing pear flavor couples nicely with the earthy tobacco notes that accompany the entire Dark Blend Line by Trifecta.

Trifecta Dark Blend Shisha

Trifecta is a flavored hookah tobacco brand where you know you are going to rip huge clouds and have intensely flavored sessions that keep their longevity long past your first round of coals. This kind of quality can only come from the meticulous care Trifecta gives each and every package. It is created through a multifaceted process known only to skilled tobacconists that focus on the traditional and primitive methods first used in the Middle East. Trifecta Dark Blend shisha consists of raw tobacco leaf mixed with dark molasses made from pure sugar cane to produce a full bodied blend of hookah tobacco. It is first cut by hand into small strips and then mixed with dark molasses under pressurized heat. Finally, the flavors are added to the shisha mixture and left to acclimate. Before tobacco was introduced in Europe, people smoked pear leaves, so it seems only fitting that this flavor would produce such a great smoking session. This shisha is Pearfect for any occasion but don’t take our word for it, this flavor will be available at later this week, so pick up a 250g tub and see for yourself.

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