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Trifecta Tobacco - New Shisha Flavors

Trifecta Tobacco - New Shisha Flavors

By Amir / April 29, 2024

A Trifecta of Fruity Tobacco Flavors

The latest Trifecta Tobacco flavors seem to all have a similar theme. Maybe the mixologist over there got into a really good bag of fruit candy. Sweet and tart fruity shisha blends are the name of the game for Trifecta’s recent trio of flavor profiles. Something for that sweet tooth of yours whether you like a dark leaf or blonde tobacco. Trifecta Tobacco continues to blow minds with creative flavored tobacco blends that hookah enthusiasts crave.

Trifecta Tobacco Blonde Line

Modern, light leaf tobacco along the lines of Fumari, Ugly Tobacco and Azure Gold Line. Golden brown without dye or artificial coloring. A very easy cut to work with as it’s easy to pack and really good with heat. A great washed tobacco for beginners with little nicotine buzz. Trifecta Shisha produces great clouds and it doesn’t seem to lose its flavor through the session. New, creative flavors are always rolling out. Let’s check out the latest! Trifecta Tobacco new tobacco flavors Bona Fide blonde leaf tobacco cut banana

Trifecta Bona Fide – Banana Crème

A creamy banana smell that ends with a kick of candied banana. It’s hard to pinpoint which end of the banana spectrum this shisha will taste like. The guys at Trifecta say they were going for a candy banana flavor but I get more of a banana milkshake with a bit of candy sweetness at the end. Almost like a banana taffy flavored ice cream. A good mix of ripe, smooth banana and sweet candy at the same time. Should mix well with just about any other fruit hookah shisha or maybe even chocolate or coffee profiles. Expect solid clouds and longevity just like any Trifecta Blonde Tobacco!

Trifecta Tobacco Dark Blend

Somewhat of a craft hookah tobacco, the dark line from Trifecta Shisha is rich, dark leaf tobacco made in small batches. Quickly becoming a staple in hookah lounges everywhere, Trifecta Tobacco dark leaf is heavy in flavor with dense clouds. Not quite the buzz of Tangiers but a great level of nicotine for beginners to dark leaf. You’ll notice subtle tobacco notes with each flavor profile and the hookah sessions last forever! Robust, accurate shisha flavors from a top choice unwashed tobacco. Trifecta Tobacco Dark Line new tobacco flavors Concord Grape dark leaf tobacco

Trifecta Tobacco Concord Grape

Sweet purple grape shisha tobacco. Think grape Kool-Aid or purple grape candy. The smell can be a bit overwhelming, similar to grape flavored cough medicine but the taste is much more subtle. It works perfectly as a dark leaf shisha with the tobacco undertones. The same grape flavor may be too strong in a lighter blonde leaf form. Pack it with a light-dense pack in your favorite phunnel bowl to really savor the flavor! Trifecta Tobacco Dark Line new tobacco flavors Cherry Plum dark leaf tobacco

Trifecta Cherry Plum

A hybrid fruit that’s made its way to the world of hookah! The cherry plum is a small cherry-like fruit with the coloring of a peach. Sweet and spicy with a kick of tart. The shisha tobacco from Trifecta is very similar! A smell of tart, candied cherry with a background of sweet plum. A perfect dark blend tobacco flavor profile as it is well rounded. By the end of your smoke, you’ll be wanting to pack another bowl. A great stand-alone dark leaf and an interesting mixer. Get creative and let us know what goes well with Cherry Plum! Find all of your favorite Trifecta Tobacco blends along with the latest profiles right now at! Smooth and sweet banana with Bona Fide, candied purple grape in Concord Grape or the exotic Cherry Plum are all now in stock so get them while they last!

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