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Trifecta Spumoni Review

Trifecta Spumoni Review

By Amir / April 29, 2024
Trifecta has only been in the hookah scene since 2015, yet their name is one of the most beloved in the community. Trifecta has an amazing talent as accurately recreating flavor profiles and capturing the essence of any possible flavor they may think of. If you were to ask most of the hookah community what brand could accurately create some obscure flavor as a hookah tobacco, most people would point you towards Trifecta. Trifecta has a medium choppy cut with a moderate amount of juice and remains undyed in order to offer a longer smoke with the best flavor possible.

What is Spumoni?

I was excited to try Trifecta’s take on spumoni, as gelato is one of my favorite desserts. Gelato is similar to ice cream, but it is denser. The creation process of gelato is almost exactly the same as ice cream, just less air is involved which creates a denser, creamier dessert. I am very picky in the area of gelato, as I prefer making my own at home and have high expectations for it. So it makes sense that I was ready to try Trifecta’s take and maybe just play Gordon Ramsey a little. The specific style of gelato this shisha aims to recreate is spumoni, which usually involves pistachio, cherry (preferably a Luxardo style cherry), and either chocolate or vanilla gelato mixed with layers of nuts and chopped cherries. With Trifecta’s reputation of flavor accuracy, I was excited to try this flavor.

Initial Impressions

Upon opening the tin, the first smell I noticed was a dark, rich cherry and a secondary wave of a pistachio crème. The scent is deep and decadent, similar in comparison to the real flavor profile of spumoni. I quickly packed it using a semi-fluff pack in a phunnel hookah bowl while my CocoUrth cubes charcoals were heating up. Once set up, it did not take long for this shisha to get moving. The flavor of Trifecta’s take on spumoni is incredibly accurate. The cherry and pistachio work together in perfect harmony to create an amazing flavor balance. I later came back to this flavor to add in a small amount of mint, added a slightly needed cooling sensation that perfectly captured the flavor of one of my favorite desserts. The cherry is bright yet deep and the pistachio adds an air of smoothness with a subtle nutty bite.

Final Thoughts

Trifecta perfectly captured the flavor of spumoni, I am highly impressed. I recommend this flavor to anyone who enjoys fruit, ice cream, or perfect flavor blends. You can find Trifecta Spumoni in Trifecta’s Dark Blend line in 250g on

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