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Trifecta Nawar Shisha Review

Trifecta Nawar Shisha Review

By Amir / April 29, 2024

Trifecta Nawar Blonde Leaf Review

Trifecta Tobacco is one of the leaders in hookah flavor accuracy, as they seem to have a skill at perfectly achieving flavors of all sorts of variety, ranging from sweet to floral and even spicy. Trifecta was formed in 2015 in the United States and quickly rose to hookah fame due to being masters of shisha perfection. The buzz of this flavored tobacco is fairly nice, but won’t hit you likeTangiers, I’d even recommend the Trifectablonde line to beginners. Trifecta hookah tobacco is a great brand for everyone and will always have something to keep the enthusiasts coming back for more. Trifecta very recently released a new blonde leaf called Nawar, a floral blend of rose, lavender, and jasmine. I have been hearing good things about it so far from those who were lucky enough to get to try it, so I was excited at the opportunity to sample this shisha.

Trifecta Nawar First Impressions

The scent is like smelling a bouquet of flowers! I first noticed the light rose, then the smooth lavender, followed by a bright floral jasmine. It has a quality feel about the scent that makes this shisha seem as if it should be smoked by royalty. I packed as I do all Trifecta, in a phunnel hookah bowl with a semi-fluff pack paired with three CocoUrth Coconut Cube Charcoals.

How Does Trifecta Nawar Taste?

Smoking this flavor is absolutely amazing. You get an even blend of all three flowers, which creates the perfect floral blend. Dare I say, the ultimate floral blend? If you like floral shisha, you need to try Trifecta Nawar.

Trifecta Nawar Final Thoughts

Even if you don’t like floral shisha, you need to try this flavor. It is bright but not heavy while maintaining a relaxing smoothness. Nawar mixes well with mint and citrus tobacco flavors if you want extra levels of flavor for your smoking sessions. You can find Nawar in Trifecta’s blonde line in 250g on

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