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Trifecta Dark Raspberry

Trifecta Dark Raspberry

By Amir / April 29, 2024

Trifecta Hookah Tobacco

Trifecta is one of those brands that has earned its place in our hookah hearts. They have fascinating blends in their blonde leaf line and really took it up a notch when they developed their dark leaf line. Manufactured in the United States using burley Virginia tobacco leaves, their dark line is heavy on flavor and heavy on buzz – or at least heavier than their blonde line. In the past, raspberries were largely cultivated in Scotland and transported to London by a steam train called the Raspberry Special. In present times, they are largely available everywhere but Trifecta has given us a reason to once again call the raspberry special.

Trifecta Dark Raspberry Shisha

Trifecta Dark Raspberry is a fine cut dark leaf with a consistent cut and a fair amount of juice. The smell is rather potent in comparison to the actual mellow scent the fruit puts off and has a slightly sweeter profile than the actual fruit. It translated into the taste very accurately giving you a slightly sweet but natural earthy raspberry flavor that has a slight and pleasing tartness. As can be expected from the darker side of their lines, the clouds are thick and flavorful. The recommended pack method to achieve optimal results is semi-dense and slightly under packed. The heat resilience is high so feel free to start with 3 coals unless you are using a shisha saver bowl.

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The word raspberry derives from an old French term “raspise” meaning “sweet rose colored wine” and it is a part of the same botanical family as roses so it goes without saying that it makes a beautiful compliment to rose flavored shisha. Mixing this with a blackberry flavor will get you Loganberry (similar to a boysenberry) or mixing with Trifecta Dark Lime makes a yummy raspberry limeade mixture. Whatever you fancy, it’s available in 250g jars at

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