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Trifecta Dark Indian Kheer

Trifecta Dark Indian Kheer

By Amir / April 29, 2024

Trifecta Dark Blend Shisha

Trifecta Dark Blend hit the market around 2016 giving hookah smokers a darker, finer cut option in contrast to their already wildly popular blonde line. With their blonde line, they established themselves as a tobacco company that consistently delivers incredibly accurate flavor profiles and the case is no different when dealing with their dark line. It is moderately juicy and consists of unwashed tobacco from the tips of the leaves giving it a higher nicotine content and more robust tobacco notes. It is not overly picky with heat, making it one of the more enjoyable dark leaves to smoke and comes packaged in a resealable tub that keeps your shisha fresh without the need of a separate air-tight container.

Dark Raspberry and Dark Lime

In the last year, Trifecta has release two new flavors that rocketed to the top of many people’s list of favorites. Those flavors are Dark Raspberry and Dark Lime. As if teasing our senses with these delectable little treats wasn’t enough, their newest release is a truly unique flavor profile that has piqued the interest of enthusiasts everywhere; that flavor is Indian Kheer. Modeled after the Indian dessert that typically consists of rice pudding flavored with various spices, nuts, raisins, and sweet rose, this shisha blend has so many levels it is sure to tantalize the taste buds of any pallet.

Trifecta's Indian Kheer Flavored Tobacco

This blend is best packed semi-dense in a phunnel bowl just slightly under the rim. The smell translates to the taste beautifully. It has a strong and sweet custard base with various paan-like spices including cinnamon and cardamom. The floral notes are present but ever so feint; enhancing the present flavors without overpowering any of them enough to actually be considered a floral blend. The smooth and creamy base is accentuated by the sweet fruity notes that are present and the final result is a hookah session with a roller-coaster of flavors. Curious to try it for yourself? Pick up a 250g tub from and enjoy the ride!

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