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Trifecta Blonde Shisha, Now in Stock!

Trifecta Blonde Shisha, Now in Stock!

By Amir / April 29, 2024

Trifecta Hookah Tobacco

Trifecta Tobacco hit the hookah market and made its impression almost immediately; it’s an impression that is most likely here to stay and for good reason. Trifecta is praised by enthusiasts everywhere for the overall accuracy of the flavor profiles and the sheer innovation behind the Trifecta hookah shisha blends that they provide that can’t be found anywhere else. Of course, the proprietor of the brand is an enthusiast himself so he knows what the community wants and is more than happy to provide it.

Trifecta Blonde Shisha Flavors - in Stock Now!

Trifecta Blonde is a – well, a blonde leaf tobacco of course and is undyed with a natural brown coloring. It works best in a phunnel bowl with a normal density pack and handles heat fairly well. It is currently packaged in tin cans with a sealed interior bag that is not resealable but we are seeing them make the transition from those to their screw on plastic containers that they use for their dark line. We all know and despise those rust prone metal tins so this is a long awaited upgrade and it effectively eliminates one of the only complaints about the brand as a whole. Trifecta Blonde is now available in the 250g size and we already have a long list of favorites. Pineapple Guava is a bold and in your face tropical blend with the sweet pineapple balancing out the earthy guava. Moro Zest is a bitter but delicious citrus that derives its flavor profile from the rind of a blood orange – see what we mean about innovation; how did they even come up with that idea? TNT is a wonderful blend of tart grapefruit with a minty mango mixed into it. Melon Mélange is a yummy ménage trois of watermelon, cantaloupe, and honeydew. And last but never least is Twice the Ice; this bad boy blend is so cold you will think you just got punched in the face by an ice cube but you liked the abuse so you keep coming back to it, again and again. Hey, no judgements here, it keeps us coming back for more as well. Don’t just take my word for it, stop by today and pick out your own favorites.

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