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Top Three Shishas Not To Sleep On in 2022

Top Three Shishas Not To Sleep On in 2022

By Amir / April 29, 2024

Top Three Shishas You Don't Want to Miss in 2022

The new year is all about new beginnings, new year’s resolutions, and trying new things. And what better way than to try new hookah flavors? In that spirit, we wanted to take some time to spotlight three shishas that you definitely want to add to your hookah bucket list for this year! Here’s our list of Top Three Shishas Not To Sleep On in 2022! Top Three Shishas Not To Sleep On in 2022

Trifecta Tobacco: P3

Trifecta Hookah Tobacco has a multitude of incredible flavors, many of which we have talked about here before. You’ve probably heard the names (or already tried!) their hit flavors Peppermint Shake and Twice The Ice, but the flavor we think is perfect for the new year is P3. Trifecta P3 Hookah Shisha Tobacco What does P3 taste like? The packaging features a rainbow, which along with the unique name seems rather vague until you try it. Once you try P3, you realize that “rainbow” is the perfect way to describe the flavor of this blend! Some say it tastes like sweet fruity candies, others say it tastes like a certain rainbow fruity cereal, either way, it tastes like a rainbow! P3 is part of the Trifecta Blonde Line which means that the cut is very juicy and slightly choppy. As the name suggests, this tobacco is blonde, undyed, and natural in color. The plastic screw-top packaging keeps your tobacco nice and fresh without any additional storage containers, which we love! P3 takes heat very well and does well when packed densely in a phunnel bowl. The flavor is nuanced and layered with an assortment of candied flavors that work together rather than competing against each other. No one candy flavor stands out amongst the rest, though the tartness of the citrus lemon does linger on the exhale, which is lovely. If you’re a fan of sweet and fruity flavors, Trifecta’s P3 flavor should definitely top your to-smoke list! Our top three shisha flavor P3 is available in 250g and 1kg containers right now at

Mazaya Tobacco: Lemon Mint

Mazaya Lemon Mint Hookah Shisha Tobacco Mazaya Tobacco has an impressive collection of creative shisha flavors and one of our favorites for the coming year is definitely Mazaya Lemon Mint. The name might seem straightforward, but the flavor is anything but! When you first open your container, you can immediately smell the zesty lemon with notes of mint underneath. The aroma isn’t overly sweet and feels balanced between the lemon and mint which bodes very well for the session. The premium Virginia blonde leaf tobacco is a consistent, medium cut with very few stems. Mazaya Tobacco flavors in general tend to be heat-resistant, so we recommend using 2-3 coals for an optimal session. Just like your other favorite flavors from Mazaya, you can expect thick, full-bodied clouds and long-lasting flavor with Lemon Mint. On the inhale, you get that zesty natural lemon flavor right up front with just a hint of the mint peeking through. On the exhale, the mint takes center stage for a cool, icy finish. Mazaya Tobacco Lemon Mint is available in 50g, 250g, and 1kg sizes at

Al-Waha: Mango Lemonade

Al-Waha Mango Lemonade is a smooth, sweet, and refreshing fruit blend that combines the the taste of a fresh, icy cold glass of lemonade with an infusion of ripe, juicy mango. Al Waha Mango Lemonade Hookah Shisha Flavor As you pack your bowl, you’ll notice that the mango aroma is deliciously thick with the citrus scent following in the background. As you smoke, however, The lemonade rises as the primary flavor with a wave of lemon that is perfectly sweet and tart at the same time. Some lemon hookah flavors tend to lean too strongly into the “lemon drop candy” territory, but not Al-Waha Mango Lemonade! The warm, tropical mango balances out the citrus for a wonderfully rounded blend that is fresh and energizing without feeling at all artificial. The mango flavor is smooth and rich which really brings out the best parts of the layered, natural lemon and combines to create a very balanced, fruity mix. Al-Waha Mango Lemonade is a unique flavor infusion that definitely deserves a spot on your shopping list! has Mango Lemonade available in 50g tobacco boxes and both 250g and 1kg tobacco containers, so snag yours today! What flavors do you think should be on everyone’s hookah bucket list for 2022? We’d love to hear them, so comment below and let us know!

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