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The Vapor Grand Hose

The Vapor Grand Hose

By Amir / April 29, 2024

Mint Hookah Shisha Flavors For Summer

One of the best-selling shisha flavors on the market is mint. There is a massive assortment of flavors out there to choose from. However, which ones are the best? Some give a huge cooling effect and some have a sweet and smooth flavor. Give our list a try and see what you think!

Top Mint Hookah Tobacco Flavors

Al-Fakher Mint – The best-selling mint out there. Hands down one of the most pleasant mint experiences out there and it mixes great virtually anything you can think of. Al-Fakher mint is one of the most accurate mint flavors to try. Al-Fakher Spearmint Gum With Mint If you want more of a sweet minty flavor than a straight up icy blast, give this one a go. It has a relaxing cooling sensation with a great spearmint flavor. It is a flavor you will not want to put down. Starbuzz Wild Mint – It’s an icy blast from one of the best in the shisha companies in the business. A pure mint sensation that is sure to satisfy.Starbuzz flavored hookah tobacco wild mint for summer Nakhla Mizo Mint – A stronger and bolder flavor than Nakhla Mint. Mizo is packed with flavor and has a higher nicotine content than many other shisha brands, giving you a little extra punch. If you want a bigger buzz along with a cool minty flavor, this one is for you. Starbuzz Mint Colossus – This flavor is has a powerful minty sensation. It isn’t overbearing though. Being a Starbuzz Bold flavor, a little more flavor is to be expected. This is one of the top mint flavors available from Starbuzz. Nakhla Mizo Gum A flavor you might overlook at first that will surprise you. You will get a bigger buzz and plenty of delicious gum flavor from Nakhla Mizo Gum.

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