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The Ideal Beginner Hookah Set Up

The Ideal Beginner Hookah Set Up

By Amir / April 29, 2024

Buying Your First Hookah Set Up

Are you intrigued by the world of hookah but find yourself overwhelmed by the variety of products and accessories available? Starting your own at-home hookah lounge can be an enjoyable and affordable experience if you do it right, and today, we're here to guide you through the ideal beginner hookah set up. Mya Hookah, Al Fakher Shisha and Three Kings Charcoal - Ideal Beginner Hookah Set Up

Choosing the Right Hookah

Your hookah journey begins with just that, the hookah! While there's a multitude of options on the market and on alone, an excellent brand for beginners is Mya. Mya offers entry-level hookahs that are perfect for newcomers. Two recommended models are the Mya QT and the Mya Bambino. These are compact tabletop hookahs that are priced under $50, making them budget-friendly options for getting started in the world of hookah smoking. Mya Saray Bambino and Mya QT Hookahs in pink and blue

Selecting Quality Shisha

Now that you have your hookah, it's time to consider the shisha that you’re going to start off with. With an array of brands and flavors available, it's easy to get lost in the choices. As a beginner, we recommend going with a trusted brand like Al Fakher. Al Fakher offers flavors that are true to their descriptions and the options are endless. stocks over 50 Al Fakher flavors, allowing you to explore various options. Each 50g package can fill 2-3 bowls, making it perfect for trying different flavors before committing to larger quantities like the 250g or 1kg packs. One popular choice among beginners is blueberry mint, which offers a refreshing and delightful smoke. Al Fakher 50g shisha packs, Egyptian hookah bowl, Three Kings Charcoal

Choosing the Right Coals

Coals play a vital role in your hookah experience and there are two main types: natural (otherwise known as Coconut Charcoal) and quick lighting coals. Natural coals are favored by many for providing longer and more flavorful sessions. However, they require a coal burner to heat them. Quick lighting coals, on the other hand, can be ignited with a lighter for convenience. For beginners, we recommend either Al Fakher Coconut Charcoal or Three Kings Charcoal (quick lighting), both of which are reliable options to ensure a smooth smoke session.

Hookah Accessories to Consider

While you have the essentials for your hookah set up, consider a few optional accessories to enhance your experience. Most hookahs come with non-washable hoses, which can retain flavors between sessions. To address this issue, you could invest in a washable hose like the Vapor Atomic Silicone Hookah Hose. It's not only durable but also easy to clean with just soap and water. Additionally, you might want to upgrade your bowl. The classic Egyptian-style bowl that comes with your hookah works with any type of tobacco, however, a phunnel-style bowl is worth considering for longer sessions, less mess, and reduced risk of shisha falling into the hookah stem. These bowls can be found for as little as $10, making them a great cost-effective upgrade.

Set Up Your At-Home Hookah Lounge Today!

With these recommendations in mind, you're well on your way to creating your ideal beginner hookah set up for you to use at home! Here at, we offer all the products mentioned in this guide and so much more, so you can easily find everything you need to get started. Your journey into the world of hookah has just begun, and we'll be here to support you every step of the way. If you have any questions or need further guidance, feel free to leave a comment or shoot us a message on any of our social media channels. Happy smoking!

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