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The Future of Hookah - Starbuzz NAR Heat Management Device

The Future of Hookah - Starbuzz NAR Heat Management Device

By Amir / April 29, 2024

Elevate Your Hookah Game with Starbuzz NAR

Looking to elevate your hookah game? The most recent improvement to gain traction in the hookah community is the ever-evolving Heat Management Device (HMD). Not just for rookies, the latest HMDs provide consistently better hookah sessions for even the most veteran hookah enthusiasts. Starbuzz NAR Hookah HMD Heat Management Device Product Photo

Why use Heat Management Devices?

You may ask why an HMD is better than the traditional foil and charcoal method that has been used throughout history. The biggest benefit is heat distribution. No more hot spots directly under your hookah charcoal. HMDs evenly distribute heat across the tobacco below. This lowers your chances of burning tobacco and eliminates the need to rotate charcoal throughout the session. By uniformly heating the flavored tobacco, the HMD bakes all of the shisha evenly. This creates a more flavorful smoke. Along with the perk of heat distribution, HMDs allow for longer smoking sessions by reducing the amount of oxygen to the coals. Restricting air to the charcoal means that it will burn slower and in turn last longer. Nothing sounds better than a longer smoke, right?! Dial in the perfect session with the control of a Heat Management Device. Most come with adjustable vents and lids so if your coals get too hot, you can release heat or vice versa. Plus, no more ash or charcoal taste in your shisha! As you can see there are many benefits to upgrading to a Heat Management Device. Now, let’s get into what this blog is really about, the all new Starbuzz NAR HMD! Starbuzz NAR Hookah HMD Heat Management Device

Starbuzz NAR -Latest and Greatest HMD

Heavy duty and durable, coming in at 350g the Starbuzz NAR is made out of a solid piece of metal and designed to take on extremely high temperatures. With an integrated thermometer, the Starbuzz NAR helps you dial in the perfect session every time as different flavored tobaccos and diverse packing methods need distinct temperatures for optimal clouds and flavor. Heat control is obtained by the adjustable air vents and removable lid. Modify the air intake to regulate temperature on the fly! Heat the NAR directly on your burner with your coals to get a quick start on your session. It fits three to four coals of most styles and can be transported using the removable handles that are included. The Starbuzz Nar HMD is designed to fit on any hookah bowl so there’s no need to change your current setup. Ash in your tobacco is a thing of the past with intelligent air channels on the sides of the HMD rather than the bottom. No more charcoal in your bowl, ever. Along with that comes no charcoal taste in the smoke and a more flavorful, pure session. The Starbuzz NAR HMD creates a better overall smoking experience. Check out all of the Heat Management Devices and other Hookah Accessories right now at

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