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The Best Hookah Shisha Flavors of 2020

The Best Hookah Shisha Flavors of 2020

By Amir / April 29, 2024

Bright Spot of 2020, New Shisha Flavors

Overall, 2020 was rough. You’ve heard all about it and I’m sure you want to put the year that was, behind you. Let’s leave the negativity of 2020 in the past and look at some positives from the first year of a new decade. How about the best hookah shisha flavors released in the last 365 days? Sound good? Let’s do it! Best Hookah Shisha Flavors 2020 First off, quarantine wasn’t so bad. That meant more time to sit at home and smoke your hookah! Working remotely lent itself to hiding that shisha pipe just off-screen in constant Zoom meetings. Oh, you were running low on shisha flavors? Ordering hookah shisha online from has never been more convenient. The fact that so many new shisha tobacco flavors were released in 2020 from top tobacco brands was just icing on the cake. Becoming bored with your shisha rotation shouldn’t have been of concern with so many new options available. Let’s take a look at our favorites from the past year.

Top Picks! Best Hookah Flavors From 2020

This list is always difficult to compile. Trying to narrow down the top few hookah flavors from such a long list of premium shisha blends is nearing impossible. So many amazing shisha flavors from some of our favorite brands around the world! We at SouthSmoke did our best to choose what we thought were the best flavors to come out in the last year. Let us know if you agree in the comment section below. Mazaya Tobacco Ruby Crush

Mazaya Tobacco Ruby Crush

Just one of 9 new shisha flavors to come from Mazaya Molasses in 2020, Ruby Crush gets a top vote. The long list from Mazaya includes fan favorites like Candy Drops, Sweet Blue, Rock-A-Pie, and Captain Fresh to name a few. Mazaya Ruby Crush just has that perfect mix of fruity, tart raspberry, and cooling menthol that hits just right.

Azure Tobacco Orange My Guava

Sweet, sweet guava and citrus orange. Azure Hookah Tobacco nailed this shisha blend and it quickly became a favorite on the shelves of SouthSmoke. Along with this release, Azure introduced Napa Grape and Strawberry Passion. A trio of fruit flavors available in Azure Gold and Black lines. Azure Tobacco Orange My Guava

Haze Tobacco Ohh-Chata

A slower year for Haze Shisha Tobacco in terms of new releases. You can usually expect a large introduction of shisha flavors from the popular brand. No matter, the one flavor that did come from Haze in 2020 was a hit! Haze Ohh-Chata is so smooth! Very sweet and creamy, this dessert shisha blend hits the spot. Milky, cinnamon goodness that we can’t stop smoking.

Al-Fakher Crafted Batch No.5

The second release of the new Al-Fakher Tobacco line was introduced in February with numbers 5, 22, and 86. The Crafted Batch caught on fast and sold just as quick. Our favorite hookah shisha flavor from this release was No.5, a fruit combination of pineapple, orange, raspberry, and lime. There’s enough going on in this one blend to keep your taste buds busy for a while. Al-Fakher Crafted Batch Tobacco No. 5

Fumari Banana Custard

Too good for just one hookah bowl. Fumari’s Banana Custard combines the taste of ripe, soft banana, and creamy custard pudding into a mouthwatering classic. A very smooth hit of sweet banana and soft vanilla cream with just the right amount of cool. Part of a summer release along with Summer Sorbetto and Fumari also brought Lemon Loaf earlier in the year. Fumari Tobacco Banana Custard

Adalya Tobacco SkyFall

Adalya Tobacco had the largest single release of new hookah shisha flavors in 2020. 7 shisha tobacco blends all at once! My mind, blown. Another difficult batch to narrow down with the likes of Delons, Mi Amor, Angel Lips, and Exagelado but we chose SkyFall as our favorite. A delectable blend of peach, watermelon, and mint. Not your everyday combination.

OverDozz 24 Karatine

Forget new shisha flavors released. How about a whole new brand?! OverDozz Hookah Tobacco exploded onto the scene this summer and took the hookah world by storm. Top-tier hookah shisha with a wide variety of flavors to choose from. So many favorites from this list including Wild Night Out, Judgment Day, Go For Broke, and of course 24 Karatine. Not only for its wonderful blend of cookies and cappuccino but also because OverDozz 24k can make for great shisha mixes! Combine this with a number of other OverDozz flavors for a whole new experience. OverDozz Hookah Tobacco 24 Karatine

SouthSmoke’s Best of 2020 – Hookah Shisha Flavors

Well, there you have it, our list of Best Hookah Shisha Flavors from 2020. I told you there was some positive from the year. Have you tried any or all of these shisha tobacco blends? If not, get on it. You’re missing out. Find all of these tobacco flavors as well as the rest of the line up from each brand right now at Let us know if you agree or disagree in the comments and give us your top picks! We’d love to hear. Happy smoking and happy new year!

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