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The All-New Messiah Hookah Bowl!

The All-New Messiah Hookah Bowl!

By Amir / April 29, 2024

Vapor Hookahs Messiah Hookah Bowl

Vapor Hookahs has done it again! Introducing the Messiah hookah bowl. This bowl is drop-dead gorgeous in pictures, and even more so in person. The high-gloss glaze is absolutely stunning in all four colors – although the red is my favorite. This funnel-style hookah bowl is incredibly unique compared to Vapor’s other bowls, which are already amazing as is. The Messiah has a lip in the top of the bowl for a heat management device (HMD) to rest on. This allows for more control over heat output. Do you want your HMD touching your flavored hookah tobacco? Or do you not want it touching?The Messiah can go either way!If you want it touching, simply over pack your bowl! If you don’t want it touching, opt for an under pack. The Messiah allows for all new ways of hookah tobacco preparation, packing, and management for optimal control that will work for many of your favorite shisha brands! Customization of your set up has never been easier. The Messiah also works well with foil, so it is an excellent all-round hookah bowl.

How does The Messiah Hookah Bowl Smoke, Though?

I took the liberty of testing this new hookah bowl the day we got it in the warehouse. I decided to give it a spin with some Al-Fakher Mint that has been sitting on my desk and mocking me for the past week or so. The wider diameter made it extremely easy to pack my shisha, the red tobacco also looked really nice with the red bowl. I set it up with the Vapor Bunker we keep around since it’s one of my favorites. For the HMD of choice, I went with a Kaloud Lotus, which fit on top of that inner rim flawlessly! Once I got my shisha going, I was instantly impressed. The smoke and flavor were great and maintained consistency throughout the duration of my 2-hour hookah session. Overall, I seriously recommend this bowl. It smokes great, it’s easy to manage, and functions flawlessly for those of us who prefer HMDs over foil. You can find the Messiah hookah bowl in red, blue, green, and brown on!

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