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Tea time with Trifecta's Earl Grey

Tea time with Trifecta's Earl Grey

By Amir / April 29, 2024

Trifecta Shisha Earl Grey Flavor - Review

I know what you’re thinking. There are a million tea flavored shishas out there. Why is Trifecta’s Earl Grey any different? Well, Trifecta recently came out with a whole new line and we were thrilled to see that their new collection is a great mix of classic and innovative flavors. They’ve got the original MVPs like Blueberry and Apple, but they’ve also come out with a delectable Lychee and a bold flavored Earl Grey Tea. Since there are quite a few tea flavors out there (Earl Grey is a bit more rare) we wanted to know how Trifecta’s Earl Grey measured up and compared to the flavor of genuine, loose leaf Earl Grey tea. We tried it out for ourselves so we could give you the low down before you made a purchase. That was our excuse anyway.


In order to truly appreciate Trifecta shisha, you should first know the meticulous and painstaking process they go through to give us the kind of quality tobacco experienced hookah lovers trust. Trifecta shisha is hand cut by skilled tobacconists and mixed with dark molasses made from pure sugar cane, to produce a full-bodied tobacco blend under pressurized heat. Lastly, premium quality hand selected flavors are added to the mixture and left to acclimate. Trifecta Dark Leaf Flavored Hookah Tobacco

How's the Taste?

The first thing we noticed about Trifecta’s Earl Grey was the bold, invigorating aroma of the shisha. It smells exactly like what you expect when opening up a new pack of Earl Grey tea. There is an unexpected hint of lemon, which surprised us, but certainly didn’t disappoint or take away from the overall full-bodied flavor. The shisha itself is that nice, dark leaf full-bodied shisha we have come to expect from Trifecta. Trifecta is known for its raw tobacco, dark molasses, and high nicotine content. Note: when smoking this shisha, please keep in mind that this tobacco has a higher nicotine content than most, and should be used by seasoned hookah enthusiasts. When it comes to the flavor, Trifecta's Earl Grey shisha is notably bold to start, and then it mellows out after about half an hour. Although the bold flavor subsides somewhat with time, it’s still delicious throughout the entire session. It is consistently tasty, and the clouds are full bodied and thick. The Earl Grey tea flavor, subtly accented with a fresh splash of lemon tang, really comes through. We think it would be a wonderful refreshing smoke for these hot spring and summer days to come. Trifecta Earl Grey shisha is available here at in 250g jars, along with their whole new delicious line. If you love tea, or you just want to throw something new and trustworthy into your mix, this shisha is an absolute must try.

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