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Tangiers Hookah Tobacco Has Arrived

Tangiers Hookah Tobacco Has Arrived

By Amir / April 29, 2024
Tangiers Shisha Available

Tangiers Hookah Tobacco

We areecstatic and proud to announce we now offer Tangiers Shisha in our hookah store! We have been working for a long time to be able to offer Tangiers consistently like our other brands. As Tangiers smokers know, this can be a hard brand to find at times, and for a good reason.But thisdoes not sit well with us here at and we pride ourselves in being fully stocked of anything we offer. Tangiers shishas have what can only be described as a cult like following. Tangiers smokers are some of the most brand loyal customers, they will search far and wide to get their flavors and wait for it if need be. No other shisha brand out there has customers pre-ordering shisha at their local shops, and that says a lot! Why does Tangiers Shisha have the cult like following? Tangiers uses only raw American tobacco leaves that they leave in a long cut and do absolutely no treating or altering. This translates into a bold full bodied shisha that is not intended for beginner smokers. The buzz inducing qualities of this hookah tobacco are unrivaled, even with all the new brands popping up.

Tangiers Shisha Flavors

Weknow thatTangierscan be hard to come by at times. Well, this is for a respectable reason. Tangiers produces small batches, so small, that they only have one flavor in production on any given day. This extreme attention to detail is unheard of in this hookah industry. Tangiershas held true to quality being their main priority when most main stream shisha brands try to pump out as much as possible. You know that if they are only producing one flavor of shisha per day, they are putting everything they have in to it, and it shows. Tangiers shisha keeps a smaller flavor list that they offer in four lines; Noir, F-Line, Birquq, and Burley. We will detail each line in separate blogs but until then hit the reviews and forums. If you are looking to step up your game or find a new place to get your Tangiers Shisha, check out our online hookah storeto see what flavors are in stock!

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