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Tangiers Orange Soda Flavored Shisha

Tangiers Orange Soda Flavored Shisha

By Amir / April 29, 2024
Tangiers shisha has something for everyone as they produce multiple lines of flavored hookah tobacco that all have different characteristics. The Noir line for example is noted for its high nicotine content due to its unwashed nature. The Birquq line is a lighter leaf tobacco and the Lucid line is a washed version of the Noir. They also have the Burley line that has the strongest buzz and even an F-Line that is the only caffeinated hookah tobacco on the market. Talk about variety!

Orange Soda Flavored Shisha

The Orange Soda flavor in particular is a fan favorite and for good reason. It is arguably one of the best orange flavors on the market. It smells and tastes just as you would expect which is something similar to Crush soda but somehow managed to do so without tasting artificial in any way shape or form. It has a creamy undertone reminiscent of a Creamsicle type flavor but not nearly as sweet. It’s fairly juicy and extremely delicious as well as being a nice substitute for those of us who don’t drink soda very often.

About Tangier Tobacco

The Tangier tobacco itself is handmade at the Odyssey Lounge in Southern California using all natural ingredients and tobacco grown in the United States. It is a very dark colored shisha being predominantly black and can last for very long time if packed and managed properly. A lot of enthusiasts agree that this particular brand is best packed dense and it helps to give it a good mix up before packing it into your bowl. Tangiers may need a little more TLC than other brands on the market but it is well worth it considering the longevity of the sessions you get. Just remember, it doesn’t need as much heat as other brands so take it back a notch when heating things up and make sure there is plenty of airflow to maximize your session and you will be in for a treat.

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