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Tangiers Noir Line Has Arrived

Tangiers Noir Line Has Arrived

By Amir / April 29, 2024

Tangiers Shisha: Noir

Tangiers Noir Shisha is the line that started it all, affectionately known as OG. In French, Noir means dark or black. This is exactly what you will get with Tangiers and nothing less. The dark American hookah tobacco that is used is meticulously prepared in a multi-step process that gains all of its success from the idea that less is more. The Tangiers Noir hookah tobacco is not washed, treated, or altered in any way leaving huge amounts of nicotine that other shisha manufacturers simply wash away.

Tangier Noir Flavors is offering Tangiers Noir Line in the 250g size and all popular flavors. Because of the unique manufacturing process that Tangiers uses, not all flavors are in stock at the same time so check back often to see what’s in. Don’t let this hinder your smoking though, instead broaden your horizons and pick up a flavor that is in stock and try something new. Some popular flavors to try in the Noir Line are Cane Mint, Kashmir Peach, Static Starlight, Fresh Lime, Peach Iced Tea, and Sevilla Orange.

How To Use Tangiers Shisha Noir

Noir does require some special conditioning that you are probably not used to. Tangiersloves their followers so much that they put the conditioning instructions on every pouch. Who else does that? They recommend that you remove the shisha from the pouch and keep in a shallow air-tight container making sure to not discard any of the juices with the pouch. Like a fine wine, let the shisha that you intend to use for your session come in contact with the air for a few hours before smoking. When removing the tobacco from the tub make sure not to just scrape the top layer of shisha, but to dig down into it. Lastly, they recommend packing your bowl as densely as the shisha is packed in the pouch and don't use a lot of heat when smoking Tangiers.

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