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Tangiers Birquq: Cactus Fruit

Tangiers Birquq: Cactus Fruit

By Amir / April 29, 2024
Tangiers is one of the most well-loved and valued hookah tobacco brands in the market today, which can sometimes make it hard to get a hold of their shisha products. Tangiers is made by hand in small batches in San Diego, California. It is higher nicotine content than most other tobacco brands, so it is sure to give you a good buzz – not recommended for beginners.

Tangiers Birquq Cactus Fruit: Flavor Profile

Today we will be exploring the wonder of Cactus Fruit from Tangiers’ Birquq line, their second line off tobacco released after the original Noir line. Upon first glance, the tobacco is a very finely chopped dark leaf hookah tobacco with hardly any stems, if any at all. The scent is fantastic. It’s very light and fruity and smells almost like watermelon with a slight hint citrus, sweet yet deliciously sour. I packed it into my favorite, most beloved Utopia Bowl from Vapor Hookahs with my Apple on Top Provost Heat Management System. For coals, I used CharcoFlare XL Cubes to get the level of heat needed to really help Tangiers shine. Upon first puff, I was instantly blown away. I am a sucker for anything sweet and this flavor is perfectly sweet. Not too sweet, though, just right in the middle where you’d want it to be. The flavor is very much the same as it smells. Watermelon with a hint of citrus and maybe some slight pear or kiwi flavors. It was sweet and refreshing. The only thing that could’ve enhanced the session would be adding in maybe 20% Cane Mint, just to give it that icy exhale that I seem to be hooked on.

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Overall, I would smoke this flavor again. It’s super refreshing, delicious, and bright. I recommend this flavor to anyone who likes fruit flavored shisha that actually tastes like fruit. Get it on in 250g.

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