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Summer Time Means Hookah Time!

Summer Time Means Hookah Time!

By Amir / April 29, 2024

Hookah Accessories For Summer

Now that warm weather is upon us and we all wake up from our hibernation, we can’t help but to gravitate outdoors and soak in the glorious rays of sunshine. Why not take our hookahs outdoors with us and not confine our hookah sessions to an indoor activity? Below we have put together a list of essential items to have in your collection for a successful outdoor session. All of these can be found at amazingly low prices at!

Choose your Summer hookah accessory

Windcovers – You never know when the wind will pick up and ruin an awesome hookah session. Control your environment with one of eight different styles of hookah wind covers that we offer. Choose from the traditional Premium, Jumbo, Basic, or Quadmetal windcovers for a more Egyptian style setup. Or choose a Taj, Pagoda, Silicone, or Star windcover for a more modern look. This is a great way to add style and function to any hookah setup. TravelShisha Dispenser – Nobody wants to be outdoors in their favorite hookah smoking spot and have to deal with sticky shisha hands. Sticky and stained hands can really ruin any enjoyment so instead of having to take extra water or smoke close to a bathroom with a sink to wash your hands, why not pick up a Smarfunl shisha dispenser and preload it at home so you can focus on getting to your favorite location and enjoying your session. Travel Bag – Vapor Hookahs offers a full line of hookah travel bags to accommodate just about any hookah out there. From an 8” pumpkin to a 32” Khalil Mamoon, Vapor Hookahs’ super padded travel bags will get your hookah and supplies to your destination safe and sound. These sleek bags were designed to not only carry your hookah but all of the essential supplies as well in one convenient bag. These three inexpensive items can make a world of difference to your outdoor hookah session so swing by, pick up these items, and stop being couch potatoes. It beautiful outside! Share your outdoor hookah adventures with us! Find us on Instagram @SouthSmokeCom

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