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Summer Perfect Shisha Flavors

Summer Perfect Shisha Flavors

By Amir / April 29, 2024

Top Shisha Flavors for Summer

As summer comes to a close, we want to offer you our hand-picked list of shisha flavors that areperfect for summer. What shisha flavors are on our summer list, you might ask? And what constitutes a perfect summer shisha flavor? We'll get there, and rest assured we've got some bangers, from Fumari to Mazaya, these summer flavors will knock your flip flops right off. We’re talking juicy, refreshing, bursting with flavor. A citrus shisha to beat all citrus shishas. By the end of this blog, you’ll be drooling and ready for your next hookah session.

Fumari Flavors for Summer

Fumari is hugely popular for their unique and delicious tobacco flavors. One flavor we absolutely cannot get enough of is Strawberry Jam!

Fumari Strawberry Jam

This shisha embodies the classic taste of freshly picked strawberries, crushed and sweetened into a classic mouthwatering fruit jam. Fumari's Strawberry Jam is smooth and decadent, with a nostalgic aroma and taste that will have your friends begging you to pack another bowl. Strawberry Jam isn't just tasty as heck, it gives off some pretty mean giant smoke clouds, too. Strawberry Jam pairs swimmingly with a Strawberry Margarita or even a Strawberry Lemonade. Your taste buds will be having the time of their lives. Want to kick it up a notch? Try these shisha mix recipes our friends over at Fumari have cooked up:
  • 70% Strawberry Jam: 30% Guava
  • 50% Strawberry Jam: 50% Blueberry Muffin
  • 40% Strawberry Jam: 60% Banana Custard
Fumari Strawberry Jam Shisha on beach sand with sand castle, beach shovel and beach in the background You can find Fumari Strawberry Jam on SouthSmoke.comin 100g and 1000g pouches.

Fumari Summer Sorbetto

Another flavor we absolutely think is perfect for the hot summer days is Fumari’s Summer Sorbetto! We are confident Summer Sorbetto will be your go-to summer shisha bowl. This hookah flavor is ice cold and refreshingly sweet, a match made in heaven for the hot summer months. Who doesn't love a frozen treat after a day of fun in the sun? Fumari’s Summer Sorbetto is just that! You’ll want to cool down with a scoop of Summer Sorbetto’s rich and sweet tropical hookah flavor. Fumari Summer Sorbetto has a strong ripe mango flavor paired with the natural chill of cold sorbet. Summer Sorbetto is delicious all on its own, but it's a great shisha mix candidate as well. Check out these unique mixes our mixologist friends have created:
  • 70% Summer Sorbetto: 30% French Vanilla
  • 60% Summer Sorbetto: 40% Limoncello
  • 60% Summer Sorbetto: 40% Citrus Mint
  • 50% Summer Sorbetto: 50% Mojito Mojo
  • 50% Summer Sorbetto: 50% Caribbean Colada
Fumari Summer Sorbetto Shisha Pouch on a sandy beach All Fumari flavors are available on SouthSmokein 100g and 1000g pouches.

Adalya Summer Flavors

Want a true summer flavor? Adalya Skyfall is 100% that summer shisha flavor. Let's get into it.

Adalya Skyfall

Pack that bowl up with Adalya Skyfall because this summery flavor full of juicy watermelon, sweet peach notes, and an incredible refreshing menthol aftertaste will have you literally falling in love. Adalya’s Skyfall is a fan favorite, loved by hookah enthusiasts around the world. Adalya’s Skyfall is a delightful, summer-in-a-jar shisha flavor. adalya skyfall shisha jar on beachy sand with decorative rope and seashells Not only is Adalya Skyfall a delicious flavor alone but is perfectly paired with Adalya Love66.

Mazaya Love

We're happy to see thatMazaya tobacco has been branching out with even more unique hookah shisha blends, and one we cannot leave off our summer list is Mazaya Love. You will quickly fall hard in love with Mazaya Love. Mazaya Love is a delicious mix of passion fruit, watermelon, melon, and mint. Mazaya Love has been reviewed, tested, tweaked and perfected by our friends over at Mazaya. With Mazaya elevating their unique flavor blends, they even elevated their artwork for Mazaya Love. This shisha blend will be a forever shelve staple in your collection, not only because it looks cool but taste phenomenal. We recommend smoking Mazaya Love alone only because we want you to taste every note mixed in this blend. Mazaya Love shisha pack on beach sand

Starbuzz Tobacco Summer Picks

Who doesn't love Starbuzz? Their flavors are great year round, but they've got some great summery options to choose from. Let's dive in.

Coco Jumbo

Not everyone is a fan of smoking a straight up coco-flavored shisha, we know. But Starbuzz Coco Jumbo is here to challenge your perspective and we think you'll make it a regular staple if you give it a shot. Upon opening a tub of Coco Jumbo you’d probably expect to get hit with a blast of coconut aroma, but instead, you're hit with an explosion of refreshing, tangy lime with just a subtle creamy hint of coconut milk that will leave you eager to pack anotherbowl. We’ve tried a lot of hookah flavors that taste totally different from how they smell. Starbuzz Coco Jumbo flavor is exactly what you smell. When you take a puff, you'll experience a balanced flavor of lime followed by a mild creamy coconut milk. You will fall in love, we're sure of that much. Starbuzz Coco Jumbo Kilo Tub on beach sand with seashells and greenery

Starbuzz Passion Fruit

One flavor we know screams summer is Passion Fruit by Starbuzz. Starbuzz Passion Fruit is a single flavor tobacco, the hero of this shisha flavor is the tropical exotic magic that is passion fruit. Passion fruit from Starbuzz is a bold hookah tobacco with a distinct aroma and taste. Upon opening, the scent is not overpowering or overwhelming, which is a great start. The taste is a precise passion fruit flavor and the distinct tartness of passion fruit is 100% there. Since Starbuzz Passion Fruit is a single note flavor, there is no hint of a menthol aftertaste, just a sweet and bold passion fruit flavor. Starbuzz Exotic Passion Fruit Shisha Tobacco Tin on Beach Sand Pile with Sunset in background This shisha tobacco is perfect for creative mixologist, let us know what unique blends you create!

Starbuzz Vintage Delhi Tea

Starbuzz has exceeded expectations with their Starbuzz Vintage line. One summer perfect shisha from the Starbuzz Vintage line is Delhi Tea. Made from dark tobacco leaves, Delhi Tea features bold spices, elegant delicious fruits, along with the robust taste of tobacco. The Starbuzz Vintage line of tobacco is known for its juiciness that allows you to blow delicious, flavorful smoke clouds throughout your long sessions. Delhi Tea is a well-balanced blend that reminds you of a spiced tea but with some strong tobacco punches. However, one cannot overlook the magic notes of exotic spices in it. In Delhi Tea there is a subtle little hint of cinnamon and star anise that makes the flavor oh so interesting. Delhi Tea Shisha alone can offer you a broad spectrum of flavorings that can and will entice any extreme hookah lover. Delhi Tea might be a little too intense for new Hookah smokers, but if you are someone who likes a steamy cup of spicy chai styled tea, then Starbuzz Vintage Delhi Tea is made for you! Starbuzz Vintage Delhi Tea Shisha on beach sand with blue sky and fluffy clouds in the background If you want to try something unique and that is different from your typical fruity and floral shisha, then you must give Starbuzz Vintage Delhi Tea a try. Delhi Tea is available in resealable containers that contain 200 grams of tobacco. Get yours today on

Fresh Lime

Get ready to indulge in the delicious tangy lime taste of this Starbuzz Vintagecitrus shisha flavor. Fresh Lime is a deliciously tangy and sour lime flavor, which in our opinion translates well without featuring as much of the strong tobacco notes as some other flavors in the Vintage Line. With this blend, you get a great hit of lime on the inhale, and a sprinkle of light cooling menthol on the exhale. Fresh Lime is loaded with just the right amount of juice, giving you consistent savory smoke clouds throughout your hookah sessions. Starbuzz Vintage Fresh Lime shisha tobacco container on a sandy beach with a starfish infront of container Depending on how light or densely you pack the bowl, you can enjoy a broad spectrum of flavors. Get your favorite Vintage flavor today for a mesmerizing smoking experience at!

Al-Fakher Grapefruit Mint

One of Al-Fakher's most popular flavors is their Grapefruit with Mint Shisha. There is nothing more refreshing than a citrus shisha on a hot summer day. Grapefruit with Mint by Al-Fakher boasts the incredible flavor of ripe grapefruit. The juicy sweetness, undercut with just a touch of that classic sour citrus and a touch of cooling mint makes this one to remember. It harmoniously combines the bitterness inherent in citrus grapefruit and the refreshing effect of peppermint. Al-Fakher Grapefruit with mint flavor shisha on beach sand with ocean water

Al-Fakher Magic Love

Al Fakher has been a household name in the hookah world. Without doubt Al-Fakher has multiple summer perfect shisha flavors and one we absolutely need to have on our list is Al-Fakher's Magic Love shisha flavor. Magic Love is a delicious combination of passionfruit, melon, spices, and a little mint. Magic Love is perfect if you like fruity, flavorful and sweet shisha. When you open Magic Love you will find a nice thin cut tobacco and a sweet but not overpowering aroma. Overall, Magic Love is a refreshing shisha flavor that you'll love. Magic Love by Al-Fakher is delicious alone in your hookah bowl, but if you want to be creative, try mixing it with other fruity and refreshing flavors. Magic Love is available in 50g, 250g and 1kg sizes. Al fakhers magic love 50g shisha pack on beach with seashells and small boat in background All the flavors on our Summer Perfect Shisha list are available on and in a variety of sizes. If you have any questions, please give us a call at 888-577-6653. We have experienced hookah smokers available to answer any questions you may have!

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