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Starbuzz Vintage Tiramisu Flavor Review

Starbuzz Vintage Tiramisu Flavor Review

By Amir / April 29, 2024

Starbuzz Vintage Review

Anyone who follows Starbuzz Tobacco knows about the new Vintage by Starbuzz Hookah Tobacco series. It's all we have been hearing about from many of our hookah clients.Today, we are reviewingthe Starbuzz Vintage Tiramisu flavored shisha. Starbuzz Vintage hookah tobacco may be packed in a variety of ways: If you’re looking for a more rich and bold flavor that produces a nice buzz, make sure to densely package your bowl; if you’re looking for a lighter shorter session, just loosely sprinkle the Starbuzz Vintage Tobacco into the bowl and it will perform just fine. For a very nice flavor, try using Pre-Punched Aluminum Hookah Foil along with three CocoBuzz Coconut Charcoals. Also, check out one of the four Vapor Hookahs Premium Egyptian Style Clay Hookah Bowls which may be ordered online at

Starbuzz Vintage Flavor Tiramisu

So, how does the newStarbuzz Vintage Tiramisu shishaflavor taste? Right away, on the inhale, you will notice the dark espresso flavor that comes along with Tiramisu, just like the dessert. The coffee flavor dominates on the Tiramisu flavor profile and the minor chocolate flavor notes suggest a bitter dark chocolate taste that is not too sweet. A light cream flavor comes out during the smoking session but is very subtle. Overall, the flavor of the Starbuzz Vintage shisha is true to the actual dessert Tiramisu and is not overly sweet. This hookah tobacco flavor smokes pretty heavy compared with other brands and flavors of shisha in the market, which is normal for a dark leaf style hookah tobacco. With other Starbuzz Vintage Shisha flavors, you’ll notice a natural tobacco leaf flavor in the background. With Tiramisu, the dessert flavor is so strong that you don’t even taste the natural tobacco notes that typically are present in the background with other Starbuzz Vintage flavors. Make sure to check out the entire line of Starbuzz Vintage flavors at and let us know your feedback by writing a product review.

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