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Starbuzz Vintage Root Beer

Starbuzz Vintage Root Beer

By Amir / April 29, 2024

Flavored Hookah Tobacco Review

What’s this – Starbuzz Flavored Tobacco has gone to the dark side and this is definitely the Root Beer flavor we were looking for! Starbuzz Vintage brings us everything we loved about the original Starbuzz with a darker leaf tobacco that comes with an added kick. This particular line of shisha uses dark molasses and is unwashed so it packs more of a punch than its predecessors, but no need to worry, the only thing that will have your head spinning is how spot on this flavor actually is. There’s no better way to say it: the taste is strong with this shisha!

Starbuzz Vintage Shisha

This tobacco is in a package with wood grain effects on the outside giving it a very classy look that suits the name well. Upon opening it, you will be instantly greeted with a scent that is true to form. There is no mistaking the delicious creamy vanilla and caramel-like notes that dance across your senses and leave your mouth watering. Pack it to your preference because this line of flavored tobacco takes heat like a champ and keeps your sessions strong and flavorful. As far as clouds are concerned they are massive; you may want to open a window but only if you are terribly concerned with breathing. Do be prepared to do some leaf and stem management as the cut can be a little here and there at times but it is well worth it. Finally, I have something to fill the dusty hole in my shisha collection that was once the ever elusive Ololiuqui. If you want to take it up a notch, mix in some Vintage Dark Vanilla and prepare to have your mind blown! August 6th was National Root Beer Float Day so what better way to celebrate this beloved drink than to sit back and pack a bowl with your very own version of a float. Visit to shop 200g tubs of Starbuzz Vintage in various flavors now!

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