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Starbuzz Vintage: All Of the Flavors

Starbuzz Vintage: All Of the Flavors

By Amir / April 29, 2024

Starbuzz Vintage

One of the newest and most anticipated products in the hookah industry has now been fully released! Starbuzz Vintage Tobacco has been in the rumor mill for well over a year and now that it is released to the public, it has exploded just as expected. Vintage is Starbuzz's contribution to the dark leaf tobacco trend that is slowing making ground in hookah circles across the country. This homage, if you will, is a tribute to the old world shisha and manufacturing techniques to product a high nicotine content shisha that even the old timers would bow their heads to. While Starbuzz was not the first company to bring back the dark leaf tobacco, they are no doubt going to bring it to popularity once again. Starbuzz changed everything about this new line to set it apart from their other shisha lines. Vintage comes in 200g plastic jars that resemble an old wooden treasure box that holds unlimited possibilities. All 18 flavors below can be found at so be sure to check them out!

Starbuzz Hookah Tobacco - Vintage Flavors

Colombian Spice - Robust yet sweet coffee with a caramel undertone

Dark Caribbean - Sweet and dark tropical flavors

Dark Mist - Dark berries with the sweet mint that put Starbuzz on the map

Dark Vanilla - Creamy and robust natural vanilla

Delhi Tea - An earthy flavor full of spice, fruits, and herbs

Fresh Lime - A lime flavor like no other, sweet and dark

Ginkco - A sweet and creamy tropical fruit elixir

Honey Dew Me - One of the best honey dew melon flavors you will ever find

Indian Spiced Apple - Double apple combined with Masala

Morning Breeze - A comforting hot tea flavor that is full of life

Orange Chocolate - One of the best dessert combinations know to exists

Peach Spice - Starbuzz's popular peach paired with the perfect combination of spices

Shanghai Passion - A far east take on citrus and herbs

Spice Me Red - A sweet mix of red berries and just enough spice to tie it all together

Sweet Cigar - The most delicious cigar you can imagine

Tiramisu - It's all in the name on this one

Tokyo Spice - Popular Japanese cocktail that is taking the pop culture by storm

White Mist - If its elegance you want, then this fruit and cream delicacy is for you

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