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Starbuzz Turkish Apple Review

Starbuzz Turkish Apple Review

By Amir / April 29, 2024

Starbuzz Hookah Tobacco - Turkish Apple Review

Even with the release of the Vintage line, Starbuzz has not forgotten the Exotic line that put them on the map in the hookah industry. Turkish Apple flavored Starbuzz hookah tobacco has just been released and we have packed a bowl and let it rip so that you know exactly what to expect!

Hookah Setup For Flavor Test

For this flavor we set up The Flare Glass Hookah by Vapor Hookahs with a couple modifications. Instead of the glass bowl that comes with the hookah, we used a Vapor Premium Egyptian Style Clay Bowl and we swapped the silicone hose for a Fancy Hose. We used a nice medium fluff pack and two Coconara Coconut coals.

Starbuzz Turkish Apple Taste

If you’re someone who likes double apple but wishes the licorice flavor was not so prominent and more subtle then Al-Fakher or Nakhla Double Apple, Starbuzz made this flavor for you. This is a great new twist on a double apple flavor using a sweeter apple and toning down the old school licorice flavor. We also experienced hints of Turkish inspired spices that made us reminisce of a hot apple cider on a cold winter day. Turkish apple tea is a staple in some cultures and now you can experience the very best of it through your favorite pastime. We can see this flavor uniting old friends around one hookah that, in the past, had to have separate hookahs because one is a hardcore double apple fan and the other who can’t smoke a traditional double apple. This Starbuzz flavor can unite and please both sides of the fence, after all, isn’t that what hookah is all about? Swing by and pick up a 100g can to experience Starbuzz in a whole new way. Don’t forget to leave a flavor review for your last smoked flavor!

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