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Starbuzz Serpent | Sting Mint Flavored Tobacco

Starbuzz Serpent | Sting Mint Flavored Tobacco

By Amir / April 29, 2024

Starbuzz Serpent Sting Mint Shisha

Starbuzz Serpent is giving the hookah community a line of flavored tobacco that is interesting and full of deep, dark tobacco notes. Sting Mint is quickly becoming one of the preferred flavors from the line to no real surprise. After all, no line of tobacco is really complete without a good strong mint in the mix. Sting Mint is a single note flavor so there’s not much description needed other than it is closer to a peppermint than any of the sweeter mints. The package recommends going with a semi-dense pack in a phunnel bowl. Although this method works very well, I find that going closer to a dense pack brings out the best of all that it has to offer. The entire line isn’t overly heat sensitive but I don’t recommend going ham with the heat. It has a nice and balanced ratio of juice to leaf and you can expect some really decent cloud output.

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Starbuzz Serpent is packaged in a resealable ziplock pouch with an inner bag that holds 100g. If you purchase the 200g pouch, you received two of these 100g bags packaged individually. This is perfect for when you want to save some for down the road and do not want to worry about keeping it fresh or if you want to share or trade with a friend. The inner packages are not resealable but I would recommend keeping it in the secondary package inside the main pouch so you can remove it when you are using it to pack a bowl. The pouch itself is rather deep and can be cumbersome to try and take tobacco directly out of. Just like Shishi, you can expect some very interesting blends from this line as well as some old faithfuls. Want to give it a try? Visit today and check out the full line.

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