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Starbuzz Serpent Shisha Flavor Shishi - Review

Starbuzz Serpent Shisha Flavor Shishi - Review

By Amir / April 29, 2024

Starbuzz Serpent Line Shisha

By now most of us have heard about the new line from Starbuzz Tobacco called Serpent. This unique line of flavored tobacco is kettle cured and proves to be a very interesting smoke. The dark tobacco notes are very distinctive and brought out from the use of dark molasses. This line of tobacco is packaged in a small pouch that isn’t ideal for storing your shisha but it is certainly designed beautifully.

Shishi Flavor Review

Every flavor has a very unique graphic on the front that corresponds directly with the name. That being said, Starbuzz sure got creative and neither the picture nor the name does much to give you an idea of what the actual flavor profile is. This can be fun for the more adventurous smokers but if you are like me and you don’t fall into that category then don’t worry; has a the full list of flavor profiles listed right on the Serpentproduct page to help you take the guess work out of your purchase. One of my favorite flavors from the Serpent line is Shishi. This is a new and interesting twist to your typical blueberry and banana flavor combo with a dash of rose added into it. The blueberry is the most discernible flavor with the banana being more subtle than you would expect and helping to downplay the sweetness the usually accompanies a blueberry profile. The rose is on the back end and adds a very interesting complexity to the experience that doesn’t steal the spotlight but aids in balancing out the blueberry and banana flavors.

How Does Shishi the Flavor Smoke?

You can expect a finely chopped dark cut leaf with a reasonable amount of juice so you aren’t buying more glycerin than leaf but can also still rely on getting those nice and thick clouds. Like most banana flavors, in my experience, it is slightly more heat temperamental than the other flavors but nothing that is going to hinder you session; it’s just worth noting so you keep an eye on your heat a little more.

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