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New Starbuzz Serpent Hookah Tobacco Now In Stock!

New Starbuzz Serpent Hookah Tobacco Now In Stock!

By Amir / April 29, 2024

Starbuzz Serpent Hookah Tobacco

Founded in 2005, Starbuzz Shisha is one of the most prominent names in modern shisha - love it or hate it, everyone knows who Starbuzz is. Now they released their Serpent Hookah Tobacco line which is another dark leaf tobacco like Starbuzz Vintage except this one is kettle cured and not nearly as robust as the Vintage. Because of that, it is a nice in between for people who want to transition into smoking darker leaf tobaccos. Starbuzz Serpentflavored hookah tobacco is middle of the road as far as juiciness so it can be packed in any style hookah bowl but best results are yielded from a phunnel hookah bowl. It is a higher nicotine content shisha and is a finely cut dark leaf and has the best flavor results when it is packed at a semi-dense level or just slightly looser. Just sprinkle it in and add a fair amount of extra shisha before nudging it down to a semi-dense level that still has some airflow and buoyancy. It is not overly heat sensitive so it is suggested to start with 2-3 hookah coals depending on the size of your bowl and work your way up.

Serpent Shisha Flavors

Similar to previous lines, the names of the flavors leave the actual flavor profile up to your imagination.
  • After Burner is Coconut Banana Mint
  • Bohemian is a Gum flavor
  • Cobra Khan is Blueberry Grape Mint
  • Crimson Fox is Peaches with Berry undertones
  • Crow is Lemon Mint
  • Gee Spot is Cinnamon and Vanilla
  • Kathmandu is a Berry Mix
  • Kings Tea is a Peach Earl Grey
  • Lioness is Strawberry Vanilla
  • Mad Dog is Citrus Mint Grapefruit
  • Megawatt is Lemonade
  • New Amsterdam is Cream Orange Mint
  • Rogue is sweet Honey Dew
  • Shishi is Banana Blueberry Rose
  • Sin City is Banana
  • Skull is Licorice
  • Sting Mint is – you guessed it – Mint
  • Teabet is an English Breakfast Tea
All these hookah tobacco flavors are available at now in 100g and 200g pouches.

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