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SouthSmoke’s Fall Flavor Guide to Flavored Tobacco

SouthSmoke’s Fall Flavor Guide to Flavored Tobacco

By Amir / April 29, 2024
There’s no better time to enjoy a good hookah session than during the fall. The crisp air makes it the perfect time for trying some new autumnal tastes. With Halloween on the horizon and Thanksgiving to follow, celebrate with friends and family with great-tasting hookah tobacco. Here at, we've got all the flavored tobacco you need for a seasonal smoke session. Get into the seasonal spirit with our Fall Flavor Guide:


10-3-2014 1-21-10 PM Starbuzz flavored tobacco has all your seasonal sweets covered. You and some friends can bring the County Fair to your living room with fun fall flavored tobacco. - Caramel Apple – What’s the number one treat at any fair? Caramel apples, of course! This hookah tobacco combines tartness and sweetness for an unforgettable flavor. -Apple Cinnamon – This flavored tobacco tastes better than a warm mug of apple cider on a cold fall day. You’ll love the pungent smell. Is that the sound of crunching leaves? -Pumpkin Pie – This hookah tobacco flavor needs no explanation. For many families, pumpkin pie is the most important part of any Thanksgiving. Now you can celebrate all season long with pumpkin pie flavored tobacco from Starbuzz! Fumari 10-3-2014 1-19-54 PMFumari flavored tobacco invites you to try a guaranteed fresh smoke session. For freshness and intensity, you can’t go wrong with Fumari flavored tobacco. -French Vanilla – What could be better than sitting at your local coffee shop watching the leaves turn colors while sipping a warm French vanilla coffee? Enjoying French vanilla Fumari hookah tobacco at home! Top off your holiday meal with a creamy scoop of this fun flavored tobacco. -Spiced Chai – This hookah tobacco is so zesty, you’ll swear you were having the real thing. You won’t be able to help taking more than just a sip of this delicious hookah tobacco.


10-3-2014 1-26-12 PM Fantasia hookah tobacco brings on the fun with totally sweet flavors to delight enthusiasts of all ages. -Cotton Candy – Another fair favorite. You’ll feel like a kid again smoking this unique hookah tobacco! -Pumpkin Spice – This hookah tobacco flavor’s all the rage right now! It’s like smoking Grandma’s famous pumpkin pie.


10-3-2014 1-11-25 PM Al-Fakher’s Premium and Special Edition tobacco for hookahs bring rich, tasty flavors to your tongue this fall. Bundle up with Al-Fakher tobacco for hookahs and enjoy the briskness of the season. -Café Latte (Premium) – Nothing like a warm drink to heat up the mood on a cool fall day. Even better when you’re enjoying café latte tobacco for hookahs that you can enjoy with a few friends. -Rich Crème (Special Edition) – This flavor will take you to the coffee house for sure! Cozy up with some warm blankets and enjoy this thick, creamy flavor.


10-3-2014 1-24-53 PM Halo tobacco for hookahs bring strong flavor that lasts. Somewhat of an underdog when it comes to tobacco for hookahs, Halo tobacco lets you enjoy the fullness of flavor this fall with a sweet glass hookah and a couple friends -Creamy Leprechaun – We all like to party the night before Thanksgiving. Get the party started with this drink-inspired tobacco for hookahs before heading out to the family’s house. What are your best fall memories? Make some new ones this season with these great flavors of tobacco for hookahs!

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