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Smoke On-The-Go - Portable Hookah Cups from Vapor Hookahs

Smoke On-The-Go - Portable Hookah Cups from Vapor Hookahs

By Amir / April 29, 2024

Hookah to Go with Vapor Hookahs

Where is your go-to location for smoking hookah? Do you have a dream hookah spot that you would like to someday blow “O” rings? Smoking anywhere but home or a hookah lounge can be tough with a traditional, tall hookah pipe. Lugging around a massive, delicate shisha can be a chore and who wants to check an extra bag on their flight just so they can smoke? Vapor Hookahs may just have what you need. A new release of a mini hookah set or portable hookah with the new hookah cup models, the Downy and Slender. The perfect small hookah for smoking on-the-go. Vapor Hookahs Slender Hookah Cup - Portable Hookah - full portable hookah set on and hookah bowl

The Perfect, Smoke Anywhere, Portable Hookah

An inconspicuous hookah with the look of an ice-cold drink, the Slender Hookah from Vapor can be smoked just about anywhere. Standing at just 12 inches tall, this hookah cup is easy to pack away and even easier to set up. The Vapor Slender features a lightweight build with thick durable plastic and a metal bowl with a hookah charcoal screen. The screw-on cap with a rubber O-ring creates an air-tight smoke for a quality hookah session. Add in the detachable diffuser to reduce vibration and quiet each pull of smoke for a lovely little on-the-go smoking experience. Oh, and an integrated LED light adds some special effects making your hookah session glow at night. Pack your favorite shisha tobacco, top it off with coconut coals and get to puffing in any spot you can dream of. Vapor Downy Mini Hookah Set - 7 Vapor Downy Mini Hookah Sets in assorted colors

The Downy Mini Hookah Pipe

The little brother of the Slender Hookah, the Downy from Vapor is an even smaller hookah cup that still smokes amazing. Pop in the cup holder of your best lawn chair and smoke away. Thick, strong plastic in several bright colors with a silicone hookah hose and detachable diffuser. The Downy cup holder hookah also features an integrated LED light effect and purge valve for the optimum smoking experience. This fun beverage looking pipe is a great add-on to any backyard party and your friends will all be asking for a toke. Your choice to share or not. Vapor Bunker Cube Hookah Set with hookah hose and hookah bowl

The Bunker Cube Hookah is Back in Stock!

The bestselling cube hookah on the market is back in stock in all colors at SouthSmoke! Another portable hookah option from Vapor, the popular Bunker Hookah is a must-have for shisha smokers on the move. A virtually unbreakable pipe that is easy to pack as everything fits inside the base. Cube hookahs are all the rage nowadays so get your hands on the Bunker before it sells out again! Choose from several bright colors with a matching silicone hookah hose on top of the plexiglass cube base. A stable shisha pipe with all the makings for a perfect outdoor or on the edge of a mountain smoke.

Looking for Hookah Cups Near Me? Visit

SouthSmoke is the best place to find everything Vapor Hookahs including all of the new portable hookahs like the Downy, Slender, and Bunker all in one place. Keep your traditional pipes at home and travel with confidence with these durable, easy to pack hookahs. A perfect addition to any hookah collection and soon to be a staple in your rotation. Keep on smoking on, wherever you choose to do so.

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