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Al-Waha Libella Swing will leave you wanting more!

Al-Waha Libella Swing will leave you wanting more!

By Amir / April 29, 2024

Taste the Splash of Al-Waha Tobacco Libella Swing

This sweet-smelling flavored shisha will soon be your new favorite if you like the combination of fruit and mint! It also has hints of orange that are noticeable but not overwhelming. Al-Waha hookah tobacco is known for being diverse but is comparable to Al-Fakher when it comes to the more natural flavors that you want in your shisha. Al-Waha Libella Swing Flavor

Al-Waha Flavor Test

For this review we grabbed our trusty Khalil Mamoon Single Pear. We kept the whole session traditional with the Khalil Mamoon Long Handle Hose and all the standard equipment that comes with a Khalil Mamoon from The only piece we swapped out was the clay bowl. We switched to the Large Vapor Premium Clay bowl because we love the consistency it offers when it comes to sizing. There are no worries as to the diameter, depth, as well as no chips or cracks that are commonplace in traditional clay bowls. We capped the bowl with Vapor Pre Punched Foil and topped it off with Charco Flare Coconut coal Flats.

Al-Waha TobaccoLibella Swing Packing Tips

For this flavored shisha, pack it like you would Al-Fakher, so you want to have a nice fluff pack that is slightly below the rim of the bowl. We started off with three coals, then, after the Hookah warmed up, we took one of the coals off. This is completely personal preference, but using the Charco Flare Flats offers the ability to manage your heat much better than a cube. The shisha itself is nice and moist but not too juicy, which makes it easier to sprinkle into your bowl for a nice fluff pack. Since it is already cut into a medium fine cut you don’t have to worry about shredding your shisha before using it for your session.

Libella Swing Taste

The first flavor you will notice is a sweet almost bubble gum flavor from the pink guava with hints of orange, followed by a nice natural mint after taste. The flavors complement each other and the mint brings them together nicely. The honey in the shisha makes the smoke smooth and produces nice thick clouds. The flavor stays consistent throughout the smoking session and will leave you wanting more! Thankfully has Al-Waha available in the 50g sample pack, as well as 200g jar and 1 kilo tub! It is definitely a must try if you want something that is smooth, slightly sweet, and seriously delicious!

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