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What's In That Secret Agent Ugly Hookah Tobacco?

What's In That Secret Agent Ugly Hookah Tobacco?

By Amir / April 29, 2024

The Ugly Hookah Tobacco Secret Agent Flavor

What do we have here? – Your guess is as good as mine! It’s Secret Agent by Ugly Hookah Tobacco. Ugly describes the Secret Agent flavor by asking:
“Is it a blend of orange and berries? Grapefruit and pineapple, or citrus with a touch of pineapple and berries? Take a puff and see if you can crack the ‘Secret.’”
One thing is certain, one puff off this fantastic flavored shisha by Ugly Hookah Tobacco and it will have you singing a rendition of Johnny Rivers “Secret Agent Man” – hopefully silently in your head while enjoying your hookah as to spare the others around you. No? Okay, maybe that is just me but it will undoubtedly leave your head spinning in the way Ugly Hookah Tobacco is renowned for.

What Does Secret Agent Taste Like?

The initial scent the Ugly Hookah tobacco gives off is a mouth-watering berry. It is a very complex blend with a lot of fruit and citrus tones giving it a refreshing tropical feel. Strawberry is the front runner by far but there is some orange in there as well. There seems to be some grapefruit and pineapple also.

Does Secret Agent Smoke Well?

The clouds produced are thick and smooth and the smoke tastes sweet. As usual, it is a medium cut leaf and this particular blend tends to be pretty juicy. I found that mixing in some mint to add a cooling effect was a great compliment to the melody.

Tips for Enjoying Flavored Tobacco

Want some tips and tricks? To allow the Flavored Tobacco to taste fresher and last longer, place the Ugly Hookah Flavored Tobacco in an air tight container. Do not place the container in the refrigerator, as it will ruin the Flavored Tobacco. Instead, store the container in a cupboard at room temperature. Also, since this is a berry blend, try putting berries in your water for a fruitier smoke – just remember to clean out your hookah after each smoking session to keep it sanitary and fresh for your next use.

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