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Premium Package Protection with Every Order at

Premium Package Protection with Every Order at

By Amir / April 29, 2024

Order Hookah Products Worry-Free with Package Protection

Nervous about ordering hookah products online? What if your shisha tobacco or precious hookah pipe comes damaged, gets lost in transit, or is stolen before you get it? Before we go any further, know that has every procedure in place to ensure that your package arrives in pristine condition with all of the hookah goodies that you ordered. But, for extra piece-of-mind, how does premium package protection sound? Pretty encouraging, right?! has partnered with a shipping protection and tracking solution company to give our customers the best possible delivery experience. Premium package protection for all of your orders! Adding shipping protection to your order at checkout, means that your order is protected against being lost, damaged, or stolen. So, order your hookah accessories worry-free from now on! Person taping box. Premium Package Protection

Simple and Fast Shipment Claims if Necessary

In the unfortunate case that your SouthSmoke order never arrives or is broken upon arrival, you can easily file a shipping claim and receive a replacement or be reimbursed. We are excited to offer this service to you with our new partnership. It only takes a couple of clicks online or within our package protection app to correct any issue you may have. Quickly and easily file a claim and get a resolution just as fast! Premium package protection covers many shipping issues including lost in transit, damage, and stolen products. See the full list of coverages and all package protection policies here. Order Hookahs, Receive Package Protection & Make Shipping Claims with Ease.

The Package Protection App: How It Works

When you order hookah products at you will receive a link to our package protection app along with your tracking information. Visually track all of your SouthSmoke orders in one place on the app. Receive real-time shipping updates keeping you in the loop throughout every part of your delivery and see where your package is at any time on the interactive map. You can also view past and present orders and keep track of claims every step of the way. Making claims is easy too! Simply select the items that have issues within your order and choose the accompanying claim option to start. Choose how you would like to move forward with a replacement or refund and shipping protection will take it from there! The entire process is easy to use and makes shipping claims pain free. Track orders and file claims on the Package Protection App

Have Confidence Buying Hookah at

We introduced package protection to our checkout and shipping process - now every order placed through store receives premium package tracking services. Order from the #1 online hookah store worry-free with the latest shipping protection features. Order your favorite shisha flavors, hookahs, and hookah accessories knowing that you’ll get exactly what you ordered, every time! Make your order at SouthSmoke, download the app and track it with confidence with premium package protection. Happy smoking!

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