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Pimp My Hookah

Pimp My Hookah

By Amir / April 29, 2024

Hookah Parts to Pimp Your Hookah

Is your old hookah done and dusted? Is it held together with duct tape and string? SouthSmoke is here to give you ideas on how to upgrade your hookah. Ways to make your hookah stand out, look like a show hookah and perform just as well too. We take a look at premium hookah parts, shisha accessories, and even top-level hookah pipes from traditional and modern hookah brands. We may not be Xzibit, but it’s time to pimp your hookah.

A Starting Point – The Hookah

No matter the hookah you start with, it can always be personalized, improved, or pimped. But, if your hookah is pretty thrashed, it may be time to upgrade. For something really modern, showy, and high-end, check out the Adalya Tobacco Hookah (ATH) Serhos stems with colorful crystal glass vases. Or, a classic Khalil Mamoon like the Mini Prince, Kuwait Tower, and KM Mondial. The gold on these hookahs is super blingy and looks great in photos. If you are looking for a hookah that already has added accessories, check out the Vapor Hookahs Musica. This pipe comes complete with a Bluetooth speaker in the stem! When you have a fresh new hookah to start, adding custom hookah parts only makes it better. Premium Hookah Parts

Pimp Your Hookah with Matching Hookah Parts

The best way to pimp your hookah is to match the colorways of your hookah parts. Pairing a premium clay, or stoneware bowl with a silicone hookah hose will bring your pipe to life! Like blue? Take a look at the ATH Arina Bowl in Safir and pair it with the Vapor Atomic blue hookah hose. Maybe red and black is your jam. The Fumari Alpaca Rook bowl in red with the Vapor Carbon hose is a great combination. Want to take it to another level? Match everything with your hookah stem or glass base. The ATH Hookahs come with colorful crystal glass that looks great when you give it a matching hookah bowl. The combos are endless, but we think the aesthetic looks best when the colors flow together. ATH Hookahs and Hookah Accessories

Finish the Hookah Off with Hookah Accessories

Accessorize your hookah with premium hookah accessories to complete the set. Aluminum Blade hookah tongs look great while handling charcoal. LED base lights give your hookah that extra flare. To make your friends even more jealous of your setup, the ATH Mouthtip with resin style finish really tops it off. The options are endless and you can really get creative with all of the hookah parts out there.

A Pimped Hookah Deserves Premium Hookah Sessions

A hookah can look pretty, but that doesn’t mean anything if it doesn’t perform. Choose natural coconut charcoal like CocoVapor, CocoUrth, or Charco Flare to make sure your sessions are top-notch. A heat management device like the Apple On Top Provost Version 2 gives you more control over that charcoal heat as well. Hookah enthusiasts are all about the HMDs at the moment. Don’t feel left out, pick one up as the crown of your hookah. Once again, none of this means anything without quality shisha tobacco. Choose from the many top brands of hookah shisha at Find brands like Trifecta Tobacco, Azure Tobacco, Haze Shisha, and Mazaya in hundreds of flavors. Best Hookah Accessories

Hookah Parts at

Time to let your creative juices flow and find the hookah accessories to take your hookah and smoking sessions to the next level. Find all of these aforementioned parts at the #1 online hookah store,! You’ve officially been pimped.

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