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OverDozz Tobacco - Urban Hookah Shisha

OverDozz Tobacco - Urban Hookah Shisha

By Amir / April 29, 2024

Enliven Your Hookah Sessions with OverDozz Tobacco

A completely new look and feel to a very familiar hookah shisha. OverDozz Hookah Tobacco is a new line of hookah shisha from the creators of another world-famous tobacco brand. An all-new, trendy style with delicious flavors of Arabian origin. Creative hookah flavors designed for a long, luxurious hookah session. Unique branding and imagery cover the new packaging. Designs that give hookah tobacco a more modern, edgy, and urban feel. Graffiti, gold bars, and digital graphics adorn the cans of bold, fruity shisha flavors. Explore this new movement in the hookah industry with OverDozz Hookah Shisha, coming soon to

Premium Flavored Tobacco from OverDozz Tobacco

Ingeniously crafted shisha tobacco using only premium ingredients like finely cut Virginia leaf tobacco. Popular blonde tobacco from right here in the U.S. with robust flavors and a slight nicotine buzz. The tobacco is infused with real fruit flavors to create artisan shisha blends to heighten your hookah session with rich and unique tastes. Tasty concoctions to exemplify modern, urban trends in America.

Urban Tobacco Inspired by American Night Life

Leading the way in urban tobacco brands, OverDozz Hookah pulls its inspiration from American nightlife and the urban population. Offering a spree of shisha flavors and fun through your hookah sessions. The urban styling is distinct throughout the OverDozz Tobacco line’s branding and marketing movement and the flavors are bold and produce huge clouds meant to keep a party going. Whether you smoke hookah to pregame or break the smoking pipe out during the after-party, OverDozz Shisha will only amplify the night! OverDozz Tobacco 24 Karatine Shisha Flavor

Best OverDozz Shisha Flavors

The spree of flavors from OverDozz includes familiar shisha blends like a double apple, grape, and lemon mint with a new look, styling, and some small tweaks. But that’s not all, OverDozz also produces some all-new hookah blends like cappuccino with cookies and peach with coconut. Let’s go over some of our favorite OverDozz Tobacco flavors and then you’ll just have to test out the others on your own!

OverDozz Tobacco 24 Karatine

Looking for that late night snack after a crazy time in the city? Something to relax with and wind the night down. 24 Karatine is a perfect night time snack with a delicious cappuccino and savory cookie. Add in a splash of pineapple and banana to satiate your taste buds. End the night on the couch with friends and a delectable hookah bowl of OverDozz 24 Karatine. OverDozz Tobacco Double Trouble Shisha Flavor

OverDozz Tobacco Double Trouble

A charismatic twist on an old favorite. A new look and feel inspired by an original shisha taste, OverDozz Double Trouble is like the little devil and angel on your shoulders during a party. An even mix of green apple and red apple with that popular anise. Don’t forget where hookah came from but add in a little modern styling with Double Trouble.

OverDozz Tobacco Wild Night Out

The only way to conclude a wild night out is with a delicate dessert. OverDozz Wild Night Out brings lemon cheesecake to the table and you won’t be able to say no to this delicious shisha flavor. The superb blend of sweet lemon with savory cake will end your night on a high and have you ready to curl up in bed. OverDozz Tobacco Wild Night Out Shisha Flavor

Purchase OverDozz Hookah – Coming Soon to

The new-look line of OverDozz Hookah Tobacco will be on the shelves of soon in two different sizes. Experience 15 new flavors in 50g tobacco cans and 200g tobacco cans with a completely new look. Modern, trendy, urban hookah shisha to add to your hookah collection and impress your friends with during pregame or after-party. With flavors that are over the top and over the edge for those eager to explore shisha boundaries.

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