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Newest Fumari Flavor Fakh N’ Mint is Here!

Newest Fumari Flavor Fakh N’ Mint is Here!

By Amir / April 29, 2024

Fumari Fakh N Mint Has Arrived!

Fumari has done it again! Fakh N’ Mint has hit our shelves and is ready for yours! Fakh N’ Mint is available on in both 100g and 1000g pouches. Fumari’s Fakh N’ Mint is so good, you’ll definitely come back for the kilo.

Fakh N' Mint Flavor & Aroma

This is not your ordinary fruit mix shisha flavor. Fakh N' Mint is made up of crisp red apple with notes of strawberry, kiwi, and orange, all intensified with a kick of fresh mint. With all those flavors, you’d think it would be overpowering with all those sweet flavors, but this blend is not that. Perfectly balanced and delicious. We can see Fumari has been putting in work in the lab!

Packing Our Hookah Bowl

This new Fumari shisha is made with blonde tobacco leaves and is not overly wet. As we scooped the tobacco onto our hookah bowl, we asked ourselves “Where’s the mint?” We could smell slight fruit elements, but no mint scent was detected. We moved on and continued to ignite our CocoUrth coconut coals as we were eager to try this flavor.

Smoking Fakh N' Mint

Right of the bat, boy do you get that mint! Fumari wasn’t lying when they said “One Puff, and you’ll be calling it by name” There it is! “Fakh N’ Mint!” The minty goodness of this shisha is so refreshing and cooling it's as if our hookah was filled to the top with ice cubes. In that first puff, you can definitely taste the mint and apple followed by subtle notes of strawberry and kiwi. By your second puff you’ll start to notice the subtle orange flavors coming through. We all chase those Instagram and TikTok worthy clouds, and Fumari Shisha never fails. Fakh N’ Mint may be new but we're sure it'll be a household flavor soon. Bonus: this shisha produces those amazing, intense and thick clouds we all love.

Fakh N’ Mint Mixology

We absolutely love smoking Fakh N’ Mint straight up, but our friends over at Fumari call Fakh N’ Mint a powerhouse when it comes down to mixing. Here are some mixes Fumari has cooked up that’ll have you packing your bowl all night long:
  • 50% Fakh N’ Mint 50% Lemon Mint
  • 75% Fakh N’ Mint 25% Purple Grape
  • 50% Fakh N’ Mint 50% Citrus Mint
  • 75% Fakh N’ Mint 25% Nectarine
  • 50% Fakh N’ Mint 50% Banana Custard

Shisha Mix Recipe Pairings

There's nothing better than sipping on a delicious drink and puffing on a flavorful hookah. Pair these drinks with Fumari’s Fahk N’ Mint for the ultimate hookah experience: Aperol Spritz – If you’re looking to elevate the orange and citrus flavor of Fakh N’ Mint by Fumari, we recommend the classic Aperol Spritz. This Italian bubbly drink will have you feeling refreshed instantaneously. Apple Whiskey Sour – This cold, flavor filled drink is another great option with Fakh N’ Mint. Made of 5 Ingredients – Bourbon, Apple Cider, Simple Syrup, Lemon Juice, & Ice. An easy drink to make so you have more time to enjoy your hookah. Fumari's Fakh N' Mint on a wooden table with smoke surrounding the 100g pouch in a lit hookah bar


Overall, we were eager to get our hands on Fumari’s Fakh N’ Mint and it was worth the wait! We can’t wait for you all to give it a try or even claim it as household staple. The flavor is a 10 and let’s not forget the clouds as they definitely do not disappoint. You’ll want to skip the 100g Pouch on this one and go straight to the kilo as it will not disappoint making you want more and more. You can shop all Fumari Shisha Flavors on Fumari is Available in 100g and 1kg Pouches. If you have any questions, please give us a call at 888-577-6653. We have experienced hookah smokers available to answer any questions you may have!

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