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New Vapor Hookahs: The Graphite, The Sparrow, The Demon

New Vapor Hookahs: The Graphite, The Sparrow, The Demon

By Amir / April 29, 2024

New Vapor Hookahs: The Graphite, The Sparrow, The Demon New Vapor Hookahs

Hot off the news press from New Hookahs are now available! Vapor Hookahs is proud to announce three stunning additions to their collection. These modern beauties come as complete hookah sets including an unglazed clay bowl, hookah tongs, rubber grommets, matching hoses, and adapters with glass ball bearings. Each one varies in size from the next so there is something for everyone no matter your needs.

The Graphite, The Sparrow, and The Demon Hookah Sets from Vapor Hookahs

First up is The Graphite Hookah; this beauty is clocking in at 33” tall and weighs twelve pounds. It is available in two colors: White for a cleaner look and Crystal Clear for a more pristine look. The matching hoses are clear/white silicone with a long and skinny silver aluminum handle that matches perfectly with the silver accents on both versions of the hookah. It has a glass vase as well as a glass stem that are both adorned with elegant curves. It is a single hose with multi-hose capability up to four hoses. All adapters are included with purchase so the only thing you have to decide is how many other hoses you need. Next up is The Sparrow; another tall beauty at 28” weighing in at nine pounds. These bad boys are available in three colors: Fire Red, Ocean Blue, and Grey Smoke. The glass vase on this hookah is large and smooth giving all the attention to the sharp looking stem with its angular cuts. The stem itself is made of a very sturdy zinc that accounts for most of the weight. The hoses are matching colored silicone hoses with like colored aluminum handles attached to black adapters that correlate beautifully with the black trays; giving this hookah a sleek and uniformed look. Last but not least is The Demon. This little guy sits at a very portable size of just over 19” and weighs a mere seven pounds making this the perfect hookah when you are on the go. It is available in Red, Blue, and Grey and comes accompanied by a matching clear plastic hose. These little beauties are uniformed in color from the top of the tray to the base of the vase which is decorated by swirl patters in a relief design. Take it to a friends, take it to work, take it anywhere! The Demon is the perfect traveling companion. What are you waiting for? Come and have a look at all that Vapor Hookahs has to offer by visiting today!

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