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All New Khalil Mamoon Models Part 2

All New Khalil Mamoon Models Part 2

By Amir / April 29, 2024

New Khalil Mamoon Hookahs at SouthSmoke

Hey hookah lovers! The last time we told you we had a huge selection of new Khalil Mamoon hookah models that we added to our inventory and today we are here to bring you the rest! Our selection expanded so much we didn’t have room to fit all of them in one blog post! With all the great new models you are sure to find something that catches your fancy! Here’s the rest of the KM hookah’s to wrap up the year 2015!

KM Hookah Additions

Khalil Mamoon Oud Hookah The Oud – Take yourself back to the olden days of bards and tales of heroics! This hookah may not play you any ballads but it will give you an amazing hookah experience! The Oud hookah from Khalil Mamoon stands at an astounding 35” tall making it one of KM’s tallest hookahs and features a heavy metal extra durable stem! Khalil Mamoon Sax HookahThe Sax – The Sax continues our musical instrument incorporation into the Khalil Mamoon brand. The Sax offers a sleek and stylish jazzy flair to any room. Jazz up your hookah game a little to wrap up the year 2015 with this all new heavy metal model! This model also stands 36” tall making it even taller than the Ode! Khalil Mamoon Sharkawi HookahThe Sharkawi – The Sharkawi is one of Khalil Mamoon's most elegantly decorated hookah models to date. This model features an ice chamber as well as mother of pearl accents. The Sharkawi stands at 34” tall and features a middle grade metal stem. The stem of the Sharkawi hookah is a hollowed out metal design similar in structure to the KM Plus or the General. This makes it much more convenient for travel! Khalil Mamoon Messi HookahThe Messi – the Messi is yet another fantastic edition to KM’s luxury hookah lineup. It stands 33” tall and features a heavy metal ultra-durable stem featuring some very detailed artwork! It retains a traditional and simplistic style yet has its own personal touch of class and flair. While this concludes our 50 model Khalil Mamoon Hookah lineup for the finale of the year 2015 we are sure to see more from this amazing brand next year! Stay tuned for more to come from!

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