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New Glass Vapor Hookahs Released

New Glass Vapor Hookahs Released

By Amir / April 29, 2024

New glass hookahs from Vapor Hookah

New Glass Vapor Hookahs is proud to announce a few new Vapor Hookahs models. Vapor Hookahs has exploded over the last three years due to one reason, the customers. In any market, the customers will always let you know what is good and what will work and you all love Vapor Hookahs. If a company is smart enough to listen to the customers, they will succeed because they are providing a product that the customers want, not what they think they want. Our customers have spoken and Vapor hookahs listened, the main things they want are quality, affordability, and innovation. These three key ideas are the driving force behind every decision at Vapor Hookahs. As a customer, you can spend half an hour online looking at hookahs and see many similar models yet the prices can vary drastically! With Vapor Hookahs, you can rest assured that no matter where you pick one of their hookahs up at, you will find quality and affordability.

Glass Hookahs

Garnet Hookah glass hookah from Vapor Hookahs One of the newest models just released is The Garnet glass hookah. This 27" tall hookah demands attention from anyone that walks into the room. It features a clear glass stem that will captivate hookah smokers and non smokers alike. Watching the smoke flow through the stem is eye catching and almost hypnotic. This hookah features a large colored glass vase that showcases some of Vapor Hookahs best glasswork yet. To connect the stem and vase, Vapor Hookahs has utilized their new click/snap-on technology that creates the best seal in the hookah industry today. This hookah also comes with a Sapphire style silicone hose. The Torch glass hookahs Another great new model is The Torch glass hookah. This hookah stands at 20" tall and is unique in its own right. The shape of the stem resembles old wrought iron posts from the Victorian era that are painted with a heat resistant paint to match the vase. This smaller gem features a cool vase that has clear tear drop windows to monitor your water level and smoke. This hookah also comes with an unglazed clay bowl! So next time you visit, take a look at these new models and everything else Vapor Hookahs has to offer!

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